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American Culture - Mr. Guthrie

Credit:  .5  One Semester, Grades 10,11, 12 (11th or 12th Recommended)

Credit:  Social Science elective

Course Objectives:  American Culture is a survey of the development of American music, and classic cinema in the first half o the 20th century.  Emphasis is placed on the links between these arts and events of the 20th century.  Jazz, Blues, and the rise of the film industry will be studied along with important musicians, composers, directors, actors, and themes as they relate to life in America.  A primary objective in this course is to learn to listen to music, an watch movies with critical analysis based on historical context.

Film Essays:

1931 City of Lights
1933-Duck Soup
1933-King Kong
1936-Swing Time
1941-Citizen Kane
1944-Double Indemnity
1946-The Best Years of Our Lives
1946-The Big Sleep
1952-Singin in the Rain
1954-On the Waterfront
1959-Some Like It Hot

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