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    Spanish One-Period 7 Workbook Check

    Please have activities labeled AND highlighted in your cuaderno.

    ·       p 104 Act 1-4

    ·       p127 act 2 

    ·       p 131 Act 1 & 3

    ·       p 138 Act 3&4

    ·       p 164/5 Act 1-3

    ·       White Sheet glued in-DOP

    ·       p176 Act 2&3

    ·       p172 Act 2

    ·       Scooby Questions

    ·       p 208#3

    ·       p201 Saber/Conocer

    ·       IOP ohp (today)

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  • 5/19/15 Library Assignment

    Go directly to VHL. Do not pass GO, do not collect 200$.
    ps, you don't have to do the LAST VHL activity, we will do it in class on Wednesday!
    I know you don't read instructions so you will try it anyways. Let me know if you read this and have a clue...:)
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  • 5/12/15 Library assignment

    Fill out and print the attached word document as a study guide. Due tomorrow!!!! Find the info either in your book or on the internet! Must be legible and complete!
    Then go to EACH chapter and take notes on the CULTURE module. Cp1 Besos Chp2 School Chp3 names Chp4 Soccer Chp5 Iguazu. Then choose ONE of the first 5 chapters MAS CULTURA and do a little basic research on it. Have these notes ready for me to check BY NEXT TUESDAY in the library. These are going to be things you see on your FINAL EXAM! VERY IMPORTANT!
    Verb Study Guide.docx, 11.49 KB (Last Modified on May 12, 2015)
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  • Wednesdays worksheet!

    Practice test cp5vhl.docx, 0 B (Last Modified on May 7, 2015)
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  • Work from Wednesday-Friday 05/06/15-05/08/15

    Wednesday we did a worksheet as a practice test and we corrected it and turned it in on Thursday.
    You will find this worksheet on the next post.
    Thursday we also started working on page 181/2 in the book. Read the left side of the page about strategies for reading and then look for the cognates and answer the Preguntas. Read the advertisement and get the JIST of it.
    Friday, do page 76/77 of the attached Estructura document.
    vhlgrammaractivities cp5.pdf, 1.21 MB (Last Modified on May 7, 2015)
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