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Flathead High School

No Child Left Behind Status Report

August 2012



The federal No Child Left Behind law requires the district to notify you that Flathead High School did not fully meet the tar­gets set for school-wide progress last year.  This measure, known as adequate yearly progress (AYP), is composed of 41 different indicators.


Flathead High School’s class of 2015 missed targets in the area of Mathematics.  Additionally, the graduation rate for the class of 2012 fell below the targeted level. Missing these targets means that FHS is identified as “Identified for Restructuring”.


It is our responsibility to improve learn­ing and to work together to assure that every student in this school succeeds. We wish to be proactive in reporting these results and assure you that we are using a variety of strategies and supports to assist all students that did not meet the No Child Left Behind individual targets.


What we're doing to meet No Child Left Behind goals ...

We provide additional academic assistance by offering:

  • Freshman Academy
  • Math Intervention Programs
  • Pyramid of Intervention Program
  • Math Tutoring and Math Labs
  • Credit Retrieval
  • Summer School
  • Teacher Learning Cadres
  • Professional Development for our teachers
  • Mentoring and induction for all first year teachers
  • Mid semester catch up opportunities
  • Teaming
  • Special Education

Our staff and school improvement teams will also be working on a continuous improvement plan in order to increase student achievement.

Parents can provide support by: 

  • Encouraging attendance. Attendance is a key factor to success.
  • Monitoring your student's grades and talking to them about school
  • Supporting the importance of earning a high school graduation diploma.
  • Contacting Flathead's staff if you have concerns. Intervene early!
  • Promoting student involvement in clubs, activities, organizations and athletics.  A connection to school is another key factor to success.        

Contact information:

Pleas feel free to contact the following ad­ministrators if you have additional questions.

Principal Peter Fusaro
Assistant Principal Mike Lincoln
Assistant Principal Bryce Wilson (406)751-3500
Assistant Principal Michele Paine(406)751-3500
Superintendent Darlene Schottle(406)751-3434 
Assistant Superintendent Dan Zorn(406)751-3434
Federal Projects Director Chris Bilant(406)751-3408

The Flathead staff looks forward to working with your student as they continue to develop their academic potential. There are many resources available at FHS to help achieve goals. Counselors, teachers and staff are committed to providing an outstanding educa­tional experience.




Peter J. Fusaro

Principal, FHS

Last Modified on September 14, 2012