Kalispell Public Schools
Kalispell, Montana

Enrollment Home Page

Welcome to Kalispell Public Schools!
We are excited to have you join our learning community.
Enrollment Information:
K-5 grade students call: 406.751.3430
KMS grades 6-8 call: 406.751.3783
Flathead High School students call: 406.751.3525
Glacier High School students call: 406.758.8625
For assistance with school boundaries, please refer to the Flathead County GIS department at http://maps.flathead.mt.gov/ (go to Downloadable Data and to School Districts) or contact the Flathead County Superintendent's office at406-758-5720 . 
For high school boundaries please Click Here for the boundary chart. For elementary boundries: Click Here.
Please be advised, this is not a guarentee of placement.
Children must be five years on or before September 10, 2016 for enrollment.