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1. If a student has two (2) or fewer excused absences (EA) in a class, the student is exempt from the semester assessment for that class during the week of the scheduled final assessment time slot. 
2. If a student is assigned Wednesday School, in school suspension or out of school suspension for any reason, the assessment incentive is void for all their classes. 
3. Any student with a SK or UA absence will not qualify for this incentive for that class period.
4. The student may choose to take the semester assessment if they wish to try to improve their grade. The student will not be penalized in their quarter or semester grade for electing to take a semester assessment.  Students planning to attend college are encouraged to take semester assessments.
5. The only absence categories not counted towards the two-day incentive cap are AD, CC, CS, FD, GO, JD,  PS, RS and SS.
6. We expect students to use common sense and not come to school sick in order to keep under the two-day cap.  School administrators have the authority to send a sick student home if they deem it in the best interest of the student and/or the school community.  The absence counts towards the two-day cap. Attendance Incentive rules are firm.  Exceptions will not be granted.


Last Modified on July 10, 2013