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Welcome to the Academic Transition Center!
The ATC is a self-contained program designed to serve high school students who have dropped out, are at risk of dropping out, and/or are simply not finding success at their current educational setting (based on their attendance and academic standing). Students spend one semester (maximum) at the ATC before transitioning to their next educational setting. The program provides credit recovery of core academics by a certified teacher and a continuum of supportive services provided by a school counselor. 
All students are required to take Social Responsibility Training (SRT) in conjunction with their core curriculum provided through Montana Digital Academy (MTDA).  Students in the ATC must have a clear goal for their next academic step, as this program acts as a transition to either Linderman Education Center or back to Glacier or Flathead High Schools. 
ATC is located in the Linderman Education Center at the south end of the building.  Please call Emily Doepke (751-4002)  or Mary Fusaro (751-3937) for further questions.