FHS Eligibility

To be eligible for any activity sponsored by MHSA or FHS, including athletics, drama, music, student government, or any other school-sponsored activity that requires practice on a regular basis outside the regular school day, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

·         The student must be enrolled in six classes per day and in physical attendance at Flathead in at least two classes out of the six classes.

·         At minimum four of the classes must be reflected on the high school transcript, and the other two classes must be reflected on the transcript from the institution.

·         All of the six classes must be classified as “solids.

·         Solids include: Running Start, Montana Digital Academy, Accredited Correspondence Courses, FHS Courses for credit

·         Non solids that don’t count towards the six classes include: Learning Lab, Student Aide, Student Tutoring

·         The student must not have received a semester unsatisfactory “U”, conditional “X”, incomplete “I”, failing “F”, or no credit “N” in any of the classes completed during the previous semester.

·         The student must have been enrolled in an educational program the previous semester.

·         Students who do not pass all of their classes, but do pass 4 classes have an opportunity to make up the failed classes through summer school or correspondence courses.

·         All students who transfer from another accredited high school outside of Kalispell Public Schools will have their initial eligibility determined by current MHSA policy, which is passing 4 classes.

·         On the first day of a new semester, eligibility for activities shall be determined according to the Kalispell academic eligibility policy. A student may attempt to become eligible by taking an extension course that would improve an F standing in a class. Deadlines for coursework makeup are September 1st and April 1st.

Examples: Two FHS classes and 4 three credit FVCC classes OR three FHS classes and 3 three credit FVCC class. 

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure his or her current academic schedule and grades meet the activities eligibility criteria. Students need to be careful when making schedule changes so that they do not inadvertently make themselves ineligible. The administration will not support a student request to drop a course after his or her activity season is complete.