Print Shop Info

Last Updated: 9/4/2018 5:03 PM

How to Print:

If you do not have EXCEL already, you will need it to complete the following steps to print:



1. You FIRST have to create a free, Office 360 account by clicking here, as per Eric at IT :)

2. THEN, you email the help desk and let them know you need office 360 installed. Hope this makes sense!! With Office installed, you will then be able to open the print shop order form in Excel and save it to your desktop, which is what you'll need to complete an order in the future.


How to Order Copies from the Print Shop:

1. Complete the EXCEL order form - this located on this page of our KPS website:

2. Save a copy of the excel order form to your desktop - open it EACH time you need a new order and click on "Save As" and rename the excel order form something like, math worksheet, or whatever! The benefit of saving a copy of the form to your desktop alleviates the need to go find the link to it EACH TIME! All you need to remember to do is click "Save As" so you always keep a fresh copy on your desktop - I hope this makes sense!! I can help you do all of this if you need me to!

3. Email the print shop and attach TWO things - your excel order form AND the pdf of your document needing printing.

If you do not have an electronic version of a worksheet or any document, our copier will soon be able to scan a document and send it to your email as a pdf. We are just waiting for IT to get that component rolling on our copiers... hopefully not long?!