International Languages

Last Updated: 6/9/2020 4:17 PM
Bienvenidos and Bienvenue to the
International Languages Department!
The Glacier High School International Languages Department is dedicated to helping our students experience the joys and challenges of learning a second (or third!) language. Our department currently offers both French and Spanish as language options. GHS students may take each of these languages through level four (Spanish 4/French 4 are Advanced Placement/Concurrent Enrollment classes).
We appreciate the opportunity to bring our love of languages to the students at GHS!
Department Members
             Sra. Heidi Emerson (DH)         
 Spanish II, III, AP             758-8332/Website
                     Sra. Romy Loran                     
    Spanish I                         758-8311/Website  
                     Sr. Aaron Denney                   
     Spanish I, II                      758-8312/Website  
            Sr./M Adam Harbaugh             
       Spanish II, French I           758-8330/Website    
                    Mme Stephanie Hill                   
    French II, III, AP               758-8338/Website