Activity Eligibility Policy

Student Eligibility for Athletics


All students are eligible for activities with the beginning of each school year.  The student work ethic grade will be used to determine eligibility throughout the academic year.  Student work ethic grades will be checked weekly during each activity season and the following policy will apply:


Students with an average work ethic grade of 0 or 1 in ANY class, will be deemed ineligible for athletic contests for one calendar week.  Ineligible Students will be allowed to attend and participate in practice but will not travel to away contests, or compete in any games, matches, or meets during the calendar week.  Grades will again be checked at the conclusion of the week, and if the student’s work ethic grades are satisfactory, they will be restored to good standing and allowed to participate in, and travel to athletic contests.  If grades are found to be unsatisfactory, the student will again be ineligible for participation in athletic contests for another calendar week, etc.



It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their current academic schedule and grades meet the activity’s eligibility criteria.


Grade check day is typically each Thursday.