Covid Adjustments

Last Updated: 8/26/2020 7:25 PM


Flathead County School Activities Guidelines and Procedures for

Covid-19 2020-2021 for HS & MS Activities Programs


Dear KMS Families,


We are beginning an unprecedented year. We are excited that in the midst of everything we are still able to offer our KMS students the opportunity to participate in athletics. As many of you know, this year will not look like a normal year and there are a lot of precautions and requirements that need to be taken and adhered to in order for our  kids to have this opportunity. Please read the following information that has come from our County Health Department. We trust that you as parents, guardians, and athletes will be respectful of the rules and regulations as it is in all of our best interest to do so. We realize that you may not like nor agree with some of these, but we are trying to play by the rules and keep our kids active for as long as possible.


Under the terms of the Governor’s directives, the “sponsor” of an event is responsible

for ensuring compliance with applicable requirements issued by the Governor or the

local Health Officer, including but not limited to the use of masks and the maintenance

of appropriate physical social distancing throughout the entirety of the event. For

purposes of athletic events and activities, the School District of the home team is

deemed to be the sponsor of the activity and is therefore responsible for ensuring

compliance with the requirements by all in attendance, including both the home team

and the visiting team. It is therefore incumbent upon the District of the home team to

ensure that visiting teams from outside of Flathead County are aware of the terms of

this pla​n and provide an indication that they will comply with them, prior to the activity

or event. The aim of this plan is to mitigate and manage the range of risks associated

with school sports and activities, while acknowledging that there will likely be cases of

COVID-19 associated with these activities. Some schools may have policies that are more

restrictive than these guidelines.


Covid-19 Practices for Transportation

  • Bus staff will have masks, portable protective barriers (sneeze guards), disinfectant

wipes, sanitizers, safety face shields, etc.

  • All riders will be pre-screened prior to loading

  • Assign seats, a seating chart will be kept for all trips.

  • Reducing bus loads and alternate seating assignments when feasible.

  • Buses will load from the rear of the bus forward and exit from the front of the bus to

the back.

  • Buses are sanitized after every trip with students, AM, PM and event trips.

  • Students will exit the bus and enter the school/event site immediately.

  • Students will exit the school/event site and enter the bus immediately.

  • Students will wear face coverings per school district protocols.

  • Parents will be encouraged to remain in their vehicle during drop-off and

pick-up--reducing the congregation of groups outside of school buildings

Covid-19 Practices for Spectators/Fans

  • All fans must wear a mask.

  • All fans must maintain a 6ft social distance​ (family units/households exempt).

  • Only ​two​ home team spectators per participant in uniform will be allowed at an event

for football, volleyball and cross country.

  •  Two tickets will be given to each home team athlete ​and coach to provide to

parents/guardians prior to the event. Some schools may utilize a pass list.

  • Visiting fans will not be allowed at events. 

Covid-19 Practices for Facilities and Equipment

  • Everyone in attendance must be masked unless physically participating in activity.

  • All facilities and equipment will be sanitized following use.

  • Coaches are responsible for sanitizing all equipment with disinfectant before, during

and after each practice and competition.

Covid-19 Practices for Locker Rooms

  • Athletes and Coaches must be masked at all times.

  • Lockers will be spread out as much as possible.

  • Showers are not available to athletes.

Covid-19 Practices for Medical Supplies

  • Only coaches will handle and utilize medkits and their contents.

  • Medkits will be disinfected after every practice and competition by a coach.

  •  Coaches will sanitize their hands before using any medkit.

Covid-19 Practices for Water and Hydration Stations

  • All athletes and coaches must have their own water bottle for all practices and events.

  •  Water bottles will not be shared

  • Water stations will only be used to fill each athlete’s own water bottle.

Covid-19 Practices for games, contests, or performances

 Sideline and/bench area limits

  •  All activities limited to team and essential personnel only

  •  All participants will be screened prior to participation in games, contests or

performances​. In an effort to reduce the number of athletes subject to quarantine

should one member become positive for COVID-19, coaches should make

reasonable efforts to reduce intermixing of groups by having small groups do

practice drills together, use weight rooms, and social distance on the sidelines

during games.

  • A line list should be created each game consisting of players, coaches, trainers,

referees, etc. in attendance for contact tracing purposes. Teams should not rely

on just the roster alone due to potential absences of players or staff.


Spectators at Practice

  • There are to be no spectators at practices.

  • Siblings and parents are asked to not be in the gyms nor on the fields during practice sessions

  • We are encouraging all students with late practice and/or games to go  home between school and their event.

  • Those who cannot will have a designated spot in which to wait and will need to keep masks on and stay in the designated area until it is their turn to play.


Anne Castren

Activities Director

Kalispell Middle School