The foundation of my leadership is unequivocally focused on developing trusting relationships that are contagiously positive and collaborative with students, teachers, and parents. I am committed to leading our team toward high academic and behavioral success with the following principles:

1. Instruction is planned around the Four Essential Questions:
What do our students need to know and be able to do? (Essential Standards)
How will we determine if the outcome has been accomplished?
What strategies will we use to best influence learning?
What will we do to support students who don’t learn or reach proficiency before expectation?

2.  Ongoing instruction is informed by the results of formative student assessment data that is collaboratively reviewed within a professional learning community.

3. Positive Leadership is shared and modeled.

4. Communication should be clear, continuous, and shared in various formats.

5. School wide systems of support enable students to have meaningful, intentional, and individualized instruction.



Erin Landrum
Administrative Intern

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