Elrod Elementary School
Kalispell, Montana
Students are gathered around computers as the fourth graders are teaching kindergarten and first graders about what they learned throughout the year.
During a "Celebration of Learning," fourth grade students teach younger eagles about the things they learned throughout the year. It was a wonderful day of empowerment as students shared and taught others through their projects.
Fifth graders make a tunnel to greet and high five students coming in to the assembly.
Fifth graders welcome students to the character ed assembly to celebrate the successes of our school!
Students stand at the ready to throw their paper airplanes through the suspended olympic rings.
Elrod Winter Games was a success! Students competed in engineering challenges by inventing paper airplanes that could fly through the Olympic rings.
Some of the girls at Elrod listened to Kyra Ocker about the benefits of computer programming and what it looks like to be a woman in this field.
During the Hour of Code week, Kalispell School District's IT Kyra Ocker came to present to girls about the benefits of computer programming.

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