School Forms

Enrollment Forms for incoming student

If you have an enrollment appointment already set up at the LEC plese feel free to fill out these papers ahead of time and bring in with you.

Requesting Transcripts and Student File Content

To request an Official Linderman Education Center Transcript or any other information from your student file:

  • Download and complete a Transcript and School Records Request
  • Create a clear copy of your photo ID (Military ID, State ID, Drivers License)
  • Clearly print the contact details where the transcript/information will be sent: college name/address, personal name/address, fax number, email address
  • For students 18 and older, the student must sign; for students under 18 the parent/guardian must sign
  • Fax (406.751.3930) or EMAIL signed form and photo ID
  • Allow 48 hours to process the request
  • Please note the office is closed the month of July and requests will be processed upon re-openin in August

Please remember, requests for transcripts and other student information will NOT be processed without valid photo identification. No exceptions!