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Vision, Mission, Beliefs, and Goals

Last Updated: 10/27/2021 3:33 PM
Our Kids Our Future    
Kalispell Public Schools
"Kalispell Public Schools is the best place to Live, Learn and Work"
Kalispell Public Schools provides diverse educational opportunities for all by engaging and challenging students, meeting their unique needs and preparing them to be career and/or college ready resulting in responsible citizens of our communities, state, nation and world.
Kalispell Public Schools believes that:
  • A safe, nurturing, supportive, and engaging learning environment is foundational.
  • The best decisions put students first.
  • Every student will learn and succeed.
  • High expectations produce high achievement.
  • Our students and staff are our most valuable asset.
  • Our staff deserves our support and the best resources we can provide to meet the diverse needs of our students.
  • Excellent schools positively impact our communities.
  • We are stewards of the public trust.


Goal Area 1: Safe Environment
Statement of Intended Outcome: Within each school building, Kalispell Public Schools will create a climate and culture that makes each student feel valued, supported and respected.

Goal Area 2: Systems of Support
Statement of Intended Outcome: Kalispell Public Schools will maintain clear systems of support that address the academic and behavioral needs of our students; recognizing that cognitive and social-emotional skills must be taught in order to educate the whole child.

Goal Area 3: Challenging and Diverse Learning Environment
Statement of Intended Outcome: Kalispell Public Schools will offer rigorous educational programs, appropriate interventions, and activities and experiences that are designed to support the skills, talents, and abilities of all students. 

Goal Area 4: Family and Community Engagement
Statement of Intended Outcome: Kalispell Public Schools will form meaningful partnerships with students, families, community, partner districts and other stakeholders.

Goal Area 5: Highly Effective and Well-Trained Staff
Statement of Intended Outcome: Kalispell Public Schools will recruit, train, and support the intellectual and social-emotional growth and well-being of our staff to retain high quality and effective personnel. 

Goal Area 6: Management and Prioritization of Resources
Statement of Intended Outcome: Kalispell Public Schools will support processes to optimize our resources effectively and efficiently.


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