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Workers Comp Contacts

Last Updated: 4/16/2021 9:00 PM

Workers’ Compensation Representatives

List of Office Managers for the Buildings
Edgerton Sabra Jones 751-4010
Elrod Lori Cormier 751-3681
Hedges Laura Hargrave 751-4071
Peterson Kim Anderson 751-3731
Russell Michelle Morris 751-3891
KMS Heidi Rogers 751-3783
FHS   751-3462
GHS Jan Twamley 758-8613
Transportation Anne Passarge 751-3404
Central Kitchen Shari Culbert 751-3443
VoAg Sandy Weeks 751-3951
Linderman Brittney Weideman 751-3985
Admin Braumlee Boyce 751-3446


If an injury has occurred, please contact the designated workers’ compensation representative for your building or position to begin the process of filling out the Accident Report.

Workers' Compensation Program Claims Coordinator

Braumlee Boyce
Claims Coordinator/First Point of Contact
Kalispell Public Schools

Workers' Compensation Program Claims Examiner
Montana State Fund
Jennie Moore
Claims Examiner