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High School Levy

Last Updated: 4/25/2019 5:40 PM



"Our Kids. Our Future". That’s the motto of Kalispell Public Schools as we strive to provide our students the very best modern education while still staying connected to the needs and concerns of our growing Kalispell community.

We are indeed growing! In the past 12 years our high schools have grown by 333 students – that’s the size of a class A school (Glacier and Flathead are both AA schools). Due to this growth, our board of trustees has put forth a $1.2 million levy vote for our high school general fund.
Link to a short video explaining the levy request.

This levy is being asked for to bridge the gap that exists between state and federal funding and the difference made up locally. It will fund technology upgrades, new text books and teaching materials, continued school safety and security, diverse academic and extra-curricular activities and continued resources for Linderman Education Center and the Agriculture Education Center. Link to Informational Flyer-PDF

With the passage of this levy, SD5 will avoid the need to cut $1.2 million from the high school general fund. This levy will maintain current staffing levels, resources, activities, diverse learning programs and school safety. 

Please exercise your right to vote on May 7. Our team welcomes the opportunity to answer questions. Please contact us directly: 406.751.3434. LINK to voter registration information.

Onward and Upward,

Mark Flatau, Superintendent

Explanation of the KPS Super Ballot by Superintendent Flatau


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