Elementary General Fund and High School Technology Levies

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"Our Kids. Our Future"


That’s the motto of Kalispell Public Schools as we strive to provide our students the very best modern education while still staying connected to the needs and concerns of our growing Kalispell community.

Please exercise your right to vote by returning your ballot to the SD5 District Office via mail or in person by 8pm on May 4. If sending by mail, we encourage the community to mail their ballots by April 26th to ensure a timely arrival. 

Additionally, we want to alert our community that HB 176 was signed into law on April 19, 2021 and has an immediate effective date. The primary change in the bill is that the deadline for late voter registration has been changed to noon on the day before the election, in alignment with the deadline for absentee voter registration.

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Our team welcomes the opportunity to answer questions. Please visit our FAQ page, call 406-751-3434, or email us at kpslevy@sd5.k12.mt.us.


What The Levy Funds

High School Technology Levy

There is significant funding required to maintain a relevant and up-to-date level of technology within our schools. This provides our students the best opportunities while at KPS and prepares them to be competitive in a college and career-ready world.

One of the largest allocations of technology levy dollars would go towards phased replacements of computers and hardware like staff work stations, chrome books, iPads, computer labs, smart boards, document cameras, security cameras, servers, speakers, printers and a variety of tools. Other areas include educational software and subscriptions, school district software (i.e. PowerSchool), repair and maintenance, internet services, building-to-building connectivity, network security, professional training, technical services and support, communication services, equipment and many supplies.


Preparing Our Students for their Futures...


What Are Some Things the Technology Levy Would Support?


What Does My $1.11 do?




Elementary General Fund Levy

The elementary general fund levy will help the district fund a variety of costs related to the day-to-day operation of elementary schools and education of elementary students. This represents a broad range of areas such as salaries, curriculum, teaching materials, utilities, supplies, technology and activities. These levy funds will allow the district to sustain the current level of staffing and programs at the elementary level. To be clear, 88% of our general fund is made up of salaries and benefits. To make any sizable reductions, it would have to be in the area of personnel.

We highly value and care about our staff and it is our responsibility to retain quality teachers, ensure class sizes stay reasonable and provide competitive and fair compensation and benefits that keeps pace with the current market and cost of living. We also want to ensure our educators have the supplies and resources they need to ensure student learning continues to improve.


What Does the Elementary General Fund Help Support?




Our Dedication to the Community

Kalispell Public Schools is one of the largest employers in the Flathead Valley and employs over 750 staff in the areas of transportation, food services, custodial, maintenance, grounds, technology, professional support, paraprofessional support, and teachers who serve over 6000 students. 

Each year, our school district has to find innovative ways to balance the budget. With every year that those costs increase and funding does not, we are put in a position where we have to make cuts. Over the last several years, we have had to reduce teaching positions, nurses, hall monitors, tutor and paraprofessional support, course offerings, activity budgets, supply budgets, and curriculum budgets in our high schools. We have made every attempt for these reductions to have the least amount of impact on our students. Eliminating teachers and support staff has a direct impact on our students, resulting in increased class sizes, fewer course offerings, and fewer student support services and interventions.

It is prudent to note that while we are very grateful there will be significant federal coronavirus relief money (ESSER funding) to help us cover budget shortfalls for potentially the next two years, this relief money comes with parameters on how it can be used and it is temporary. These funds will not resolve the bigger issue of our funding shortfalls in the long term. By requesting a levy now, the district is planning ahead, hoping to avoid falling further behind financially. Additionally, if one or both of the levies pass, the district is considering the option of holding off on actually imposing the levies to our taxpayers until Covid relief funding is depleted.


Measurable Results

It is not a coincidence that Kalispell Public School students achieve high graduation rates, national success in programs like Speech and Debate, French, DECA, We the People, etc., and numerous other Awards and Achievement

We graduate over 700 students every year who enter into our workforce, enlist in the military to protect our country, or pursue four year/two year colleges and technical programs. These students are prepared to serve as leaders and strengthen our community through the quality education they receive through Kalispell Public Schools.

With high quality staff and strong community support, our public schools remain a mainstay of the Flathead Valley. Support of the levy will allow us to maintain 21st Century strategic investments that will ultimately have a direct impact on our community for the foreseeable future.


Levy Rates

The proposed levy rate for the Elementary General Fund Levy is estimated at $2.00 per month per $200,000 of assessed property value. This equates to $24.04 per year for a home with an assessed property value of $200,000.

The proposed levy rate for the High School Technology Levy is estimated at $1.11 per month per $200,000 of assessed property value. This equates to $13.33 per year for a home with an assessed property value of $200,000.

However, in the high school district, there will also be a decrease in property tax due to the fact that we are nearing the end of bond repayment for the construction of Glacier High School. The decrease will reflect a total amount of $751,000 less tax imposed on homeowners in the high school district.

What is the difference between the taxable value and the market value of my home?

The market value is what your house would sell for in the current market. The assessed property value is what the county tax assessor reports that the house is worth for purposes of calculating your property tax bill. Taxable value is the figure you actually pay tax on. Your taxable value can be found on the Flathead County Website http://landpublic.flathead.mt.gov/lipublic/

How much will the levy affect my taxes?

School Levy

Amount of Levy

Annual cost of the voted levy on a home with a taxable value of $200k




High School Tech




Financial Facts



Total cost per year a taxpayer would see on a home with a taxable value of $100k

Total cost per year a taxpayer would see on a home with a taxable value of $200k

Total cost per year a taxpayer would see on a home with a taxable value of $300k

Total cost per year a taxpayer would see on a home with a taxable value of $400k


$12.02 per year

$24.04 per year

$36.06 per year

$48.08 per year

HS Tech $6.67 per year $13.33 per year $20.00 per year

$26.66 per year