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Last Updated: 8/27/2021 12:42 AM

Food Services





Below are a series of requirements, recommendations, and considerations for our schools to re-open their campuses for in-person instruction. These should be read in conjunction with all federal, state, and local regulations, as well as school reopening guidance from the State and federal level.

The requirements in this document are actions that our local school district feels are necessary from the guidance that the Governor and the Flathead County Health Department are requesting schools to follow as they resume in-person instruction. In accordance with Kalispell Public Schools’s Pandemic Operational Phases, only those items labeled “requirements” in this document must be in place at our schools to proceed with in-person instruction.

The recommendations in this document are additional measures that the school can take to protect the health and safety of students, staff and the community. Because of the uniqueness of our schools, not all recommendations can be implemented at all locations. Federal, state or local public health officials' recommendations are also considered and presented in this document.

The guidance in this document reflects the best judgment of Kalispell Public Schools as to the practices that schools should follow and takes into account local conditions and considerations.



● Refer to Distancing Section for requirements regarding physical distancing in cafeterias and food service areas.
● Follow all requirements issued by the County Health Department to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in food facilities.
● All meals will be served in a manner that allows for the least risk of transmission.
● No salad bar type meals to be served where multiple students and staff would be using the same utensil to transfer food to their tray.


● Serve meals in alternative areas (e.g., hallway, porches, multi-purpose room, classrooms) to appropriately social distance when practicable. Avoid sharing foods and utensils and buffet or family-style meals.

Large Gathering Areas

Cafeterias: Routines and procedural expectations will be taught with intention to accommodate physical distancing and safe practices. For larger populated schools, divide the cafeteria into quadrants of groups of 50 or less. Students within their cohort group should be placed 6’ apart, if feasible, and in their assigned seat. Cohort groups should be placed as far away as possible trying to be no less than 6 feet apart. It is also a necessity for contact tracing to provide a seating chart during every lunch period. Seating charts will be kept and updated at the building level. Seating chart changes will be corrected on the chart and dated on the day the change occurred. Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings while in line if social distancing cannot be achieved.


For more information about our plan to reopen schools, view the pandemic operational guidance overview.

If you have additional general questions, please contact us at If you have specific questions for a certain school, please contact the school's principal.