KPS Technology Department

Last Updated: 7/13/2021 4:07 PM

Richard Lawrence ~ IT Director

Kalispell Public Schools Information Technology Department supports our curriculum by facilitating the use of computers and computer networks throughout the district.

Technology Mission:

The mission of the Kalispell Public Schools is to ensure that all students and staff use technologies productively as they support the Kalispell Mission Statement. 

Prepared students ultimately affect the entire community which has evolved as a diverse information environment.

Kalispell Public Schools Technology Mission:

Kalispell School District No. 5 strives to provide a safe environment and educational curriculum whereby all students are encouraged to think critically, problem solve collaboratively and communicate effectively in an atmosphere conducive to learning. Individual and group learning opportunities are provided in well disciplined, dignified, challenging, and mutually respectful atmosphere. The learning process lays the foundation for a commitment to life-long intellectual growth and physical and emotional well being.

Upon graduation, young adults will be prepared to meet the technological, ethical, and societal challenges that an interactive
local and global community will present to them during their next level of development.