Lunch and Breakfast for District Families


FOR CHILDREN 18 and under:

All locations will be handing out lunch and breakfast for the next day from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Central Kitchen - 106 Northwest Lane, just south of the Middle School.

Edgerton Elementary

Russell Elementary

Hedges Elementary

Elrod Elementary

Peterson Elementary

Rankin Elementary


Menu for Week of April 20-24

*All Breakfasts will include a grain, protein, fruit and milk

   Monday:  Benefit Bars/String Cheese

   Tuesday:  Muffins/String Cheese

   Wednesday:  Oatmeal/Yogurt

   Thursday:  Bagel/Cream Cheese

   Friday:  Muffins/String Cheese


*All Lunches will include a milk, fruit and veggie

   Monday:  PBJ Sandwich

   Tuesday:  Sweet/Sour Chicken and Rice (to be re-heated at home)

   Wednesday:  Firehouse Subs

   Thursday:  Pulled Pork on a Whole Grain Bun (to be re-heated at home)

   Friday:  Chicken Tenders/ Peanut Butter Bar (to be re-heated at home)


Thank You!

Jana Graham

Food Services Director

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