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     KPS-COVID Update: Total SD5 Enrollment - 6211  / Active Covid Cases: 5/ Active Quarantines: 7
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Special Board Meeting regarding face covering

For those wishing to join the meeting remotely, you can Click Here to register for the WebEx virtual meeting.   

  • Those wishing to give testimony on-line must send an email to the Webex Host at kpswebex@sd5.k12.mt.us and let the host know that you have public comment. The host will put you on a list and will cue you up when it is your turn to speak.

For those who wish to make public comment orally, either remotely or in-person, comments will be limited to two minutes.  

For those wishing to make public comment via written form, you can send your public comment to Covid19response@sd5.k12.mt.us. You must include your full name and physical address.  Your comments will not be entered into the record if your email does not include your full name and physical address.  Written public comment will only be accepted until noon on Tuesday, February 23.


If the Board is meeting in-person, here are some proactive measures to ensure the public understands the requirement to wear masks: 

1. Masks are required for all in attendance at the Kalispell Public School Board Meetings. 

2. If circumstances warrant (e.g., where individuals are disturbing the meeting in their failure to wear masks), the Board will recess for a period of time in order to allow the Board to reconvene the meeting in a virtual setting and allow the public to observe and participate in the meeting in a virtual setting. 

3. The district will not have time to individually address requests to attend the meeting but not wear a mask due to a medical condition. There are two options for such cases: a) Wearing a face shield, either hooded or that wraps around the face and under the chin per CDC recommendations; or b) A virtual option for observing and participating in the meeting to anyone interested in attending but who is unwilling or unable to wear a face covering. 

4. Law enforcement will be called in the case of any disturbance of the meeting (which is a misdemeanor offense under 20-1-206, MCA) by anyone attempting to attend the meeting without wearing a mask, and/or anyone who attends but then removes the mask while in attendance.


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