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Assistant Superintendents

Matt Jensen Peter Fusaro
Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent
Kalispell Public Schools Kalispell Public Schools
233 1st Ave East 233 1st Ave East
Kalispell,  MT  59901 Kalispell, MT  59901
(406) 751-3400 ext 3413 (406) 751-3400 ext 3441
Grades K-8 Grades 9-12
Matt Jensen administers the following: Peter Fusaro administers the following: 
Curriculum including OPI reviews Curriculum including OPI reviews
Board Curriculum Committee Board Curriculum Committee
Assessment including Gates, Aimsweb, State Assessment including Gates, Aimsweb, State
Achievement Data Achievement Data
Instruction including materials Instruction including materials
Instructional Technology Instructional Technology
Early K Education  
Best Beginnings Council  
Remote Education  Remote Education 
Curriculum (19) Budget Curriculum (19) Budget
Title I Budget and Program Title I Budget and Program
Title II Budget Title II Budget
Title IV Budget Title IV Budget
Gifted and Talented Gifted and Talented
Indian Education for All Indian Education for All
Fundraising Fundraising
Field Trips Field Trips
Out-of-District Travel Out-of-District Travel
Out-of-Country Travel Out-of-Country Travel
Mentor & Induction Mentor & Induction Program
Professional Development Committee including Wheel Professional Development including Wheel
PIR Flex 12 hours PIR Flex 12 hours
Trade off - 12 hours Trade off - 12 hours
  Calendar Committee
Adult Education Program Adult Education Program
  Traffic Education Program
  Summer School Program
After School Program After School Program
  Career, Tech and Vocational Programs
  College Education Programs including Running Start
  Student Built House
Activity Programs Activity Programs
Enrollment Enrollment
Master Schedule Master Schedule
Hiring Hiring
Building Admin Oversight Building Admin Oversight
Crisis, Safety & Security Coordinator Crisis, Safety & Security Coordinator
Student Records Student Records
School Improvement School Improvement
Systems of Support Systems of Support
State Reporting State Reporting
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
Accreditation Accreditation
Teacher Certification Teacher Certification
Class Size Class Size
  Charter Schools Program
Montana Transformational Learning Grant (k-12) Montana Transformational Learning Grant (k-12)
Montana Advanced Opportunity Grant (6-12) Montana Advanced Opportunity Grant (6-12)
Transportation (student and employee issues) Transportation (student and employee issues)
Tuition Tuition
At-Risk Programs At-Risk Programs
Instructional Coaches  
  Stipend Committee