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Safety and Technology Levies



Levy Title


Local funding for our students and schools

Kalispell Public Schools is asking voters to approve four levy measures on October 3 that would provide increased local funding for safety and technology at our elementary and high schools.  

The Elementary and High School Safety levies will provide funding to secure staffing, services and environments for even safer schools. The Elementary and High School Technology levies will provide funding to ensure responsible use, appropriate access and functioning equipment. The Elementary Technology levy is a renewal.




What is a Levy?

A levy is a local property tax collected to help finance the educational programs and basic operation of our public schools. The levies would pay for items not funded or fully funded by the state and federal government. 
A levy is different from a bond, which pays for school construction. Levies are for learning. Bonds are for building.


Why do we need Levies? 

The state and federal government do not fully pay for the cost of public schools. Local support is needed to provide a high-quality education that prepares our students for their future after graduation, whether it is college, trade or technical school; military service; or direct entry into the workforce.

Safety levy funds are needed to address safety and security practices, supportive measures and physical structures in each of our schools in alignment with the findings from the community funded audit of the district.

Technology levy funds are an integral part of the district's strategy for preparing future-ready students and graduates in a modern classroom environment.

How do I vote?

Election Day is October 3 - Ballots due by 8pm

Ballots will be mailed by the School District Office on September 18.

Ballots may be returned to:
KPS Auxiliary Admin Office
514 E Washington St.
Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm 
Election Day Hours 8:30am - 8:00pm

Ballot may be returned in person or by mail (.66 cents or one Forever stamp)

Please allow enough time for delivery by the October 3 deadline. KPS suggests September 27 as the deadline to mail ballots.

Our team welcomes the opportunity to answer questions. Please call 406-751-3400, or contact Superintendent Cline or our KPS School Board Trustees.