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Building Use Regulations

All rental requests will be by application. In making the application the petitioner agrees to observe the following specific Board Policies that govern the use of school facilities (Policy 4330, 4330P, 4330F, 4332).
  1. District-sponsored activities, including curricular and extracurricular functions, retain first priority for the use of facilities. The District reserves the right to cancel reservations and reject any and all requests to rent or use school facilities. School facilities will not be rented for the purpose of meetings which teach or promote any theory or doctrine of a subversive nature or intend to undermine or overthrow the constitution of the government of the United States. No facilities will be used for the promotion of a special interest organization or organizations whose meetings tend to alienate community groups or promote disharmony in the general welfare. 
  2. Kalispell Public Schools will abide with the provisions of the 1984 Equal Access Act.
  3. Groups renting school facilities must observe all rules concerning safety and supervision.  Minors (under 18) are not allowed in district facilities without constant supervision.  
  4. Employees of the District, who generally have access to District facilities, must complete a rental application to obtain access for use of facilities.  The current rate schedule and all procedures apply to District employees. 
  5. Any organization or individual using school facilities or property, will repair or replace any undue wear or damage to school facilities. Facilities will be left in a clean, orderly and secure condition.
  6. The District will require a certificate of insurance or letter from the insurer which states the name of the insurer, effective dates of the coverage and the limits of liability, and names KPS as an additional insured. For those organizations not having liability insureance, a limited coverage can be purchased from the District.
  7. No school supplies or equipment are to be furnished or used without permission from the administrator in charge, and when they are furnished, appropriate charges will be made. If the use of specialty equipment, including sound and lighting, is required, a District employee qualified to operate equipment will be present at an additional charge. Special wiring will be done according to code and at the expense of the user. At the discretion of the District, the user may be required to have a licensed electrician on duty during the performance.
  8. Gambling, alcoholic beverages and drugs will not be permitted on school property.  No smoking or use of tobacco or nicotine products will be allowed on school property.  Candles and other open-flame devices shall not be used in conjunction with any facility use.
  9. Users of Kalispell Pubic Schools facilities are not allowed to have firearms in their possession. 

For determination of charges, organizations seeking the use of school facilities have been divided into three categories:

Category 1:  Organizations or individuals whose activities are beneficial to the students, district staff, or the community. A minimal fee may be assessed for support staff.

Category 2:  Organizations and individuals who charge a fee for activities that are beneficial to students, staff or the community. A fee will be assessed according to current rate schedule. Category 2 includes Coaches employed by the District who use facilities for summer camps and clinics that benefit student/athletes.

Category 3:  For-Profit organizations and individuals who use school facilities will be subject to the current reate schedule.  The District will require advance payment and a certificate of insurance with KPS named as additional insured. Category 3 also includes Coaches not employed by the District that use the facilities.

Any other facility use not covered by the above will be referred to the Superintendnent or designee.

Procedure History:    
Promulgated on:     01/04/2000  
Revised on:      

12/05/2007; 05/13/2008, 09/14/2010, 09/08/15