Kalispell Public Schools
Kalispell, Montana

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Welcome to Kalispell Public Schools!
We are excited to have you join our learning community.
Enrollment Information:
K-5 grade students call: 406.751.3430
KMS grades 6-8 call: 406.751.3783
Flathead High School students call: 406.751.3525
Glacier High School students call: 406.758.8625
For high school boundary chart Click Here . For elementary boundary chart Click Here.
Once the map has opened you can zoom in to see specific streets and areas.  For more questions about the KPS boundaries you can call the Superintendents office at 406-751-3434.
For assistance with Flathead County school boundaries, please refer to the Flathead County GIS department at http://maps.flathead.mt.gov/ (go to Downloadable Data and to School Districts) or contact the Flathead County Superintendent's office at 406-758-5720 . 
Please be advised, these boundaries are not a guarantee of placement in a particular school.
To be eligible for enrollment, children must be five years on or before September 10 of the school year.
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