Kalispell Public Schools Unions and Associations

Last Updated: 9/17/2020 8:19 PM

Photo of 3 people stacking handsThrough a strong partnership between Union Leadership and the District, together we strive to create a working environment that is safe and respectful; filled with caring and compassionate people.  This results in a positive and supportive workplace.  We accomplish this through collaborative working relationships and effective conflict resolution strategies. We welcome you to be a part of our success!

If you have additional questions, please contact your Union Representative or you can contact Tracy Scott, 751-3435, scottt@sd5.k12.mt.us.

We would be happy to assist you in anyway we can.


2020-21 Work Year Clarification for all employees who work less than 260 days

2020-21 Work Year Clarification Calendar for all employees who work less than 260 days

Classified-Federation of Classified Personnel No. 4164, KFCP

Executive Members:
Kris Hursh, President, 406-758-8369, hurshk@sd5.k12.mt.us
NIki Dykstra, Vice President, dykstran@sd5.k12.mt.us
Merry Kelly, Treasurer, 406-752-8862, kellym@sd5.k12.mt.us
Paul Dougherty, Secretary, doughtertyp@sd5.k12.mt.us

Building Reps:
Admin, Shari Culbert, 406-751-3443, culberts@sd5.k12.mt.us
FHS, Vickie Engle, englev@sd5.k12.mt.us
KMS,Nancy Livers, liversn@sd5.k12.mt.us 
KMS, Heidi Rogers, 406-751-3783, rogersh@sd5.k12.mt.us
GHS, Kris Hursh, hurshk@sd5.k12.mt.us
Edgerton, Tracie Bielz, bielzt@sd5.k12.mt.us
Rankin, Sabra Jones, joness@sd5.k12.mt.us; Robyn Talley-Lenander, talleyr@sd5.k12.mt.us 
Peterson, Sandy Nelson, nelsons@sd5.k12.mt.us
Hedges, Debbie Owens, owensd@sd5.k12.mt.us
Elrod, Rep Needed
Russell, Rep Needed

Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019-2022
Memorandum of Agreement

Seniority List
Classified Evaluation revised 1.19.16

Custodial-Local No. 2795 American Fed. of State County & Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO
Union President:  Judd Nyberg, 406-253-2952
Union Vice President:  Debbie Koski, 406-751-3700
Judd Nyberg, Secretary/Reporter
Gigi Meyer, Treasurer
Certified-Kalispell Education Association (KEA)
Union President:  Lynn Ogden-Ryder, 406-253-0670
Union President "Ameritus":  Mike Thiel, 406-261-0438
Union Vice President: Anthony Lapke, 406-758-8600
Union Secretary:  Christy Peeple, 406-751-3500
Union Treasurer:  Mitch O'Brien, 406-751-3737
Memorandum of Agreement
Maintenance Engineers/Grounds Association
Union Representatives: Mitch Dugan, Todd Moriarty, 406-751-3437
Nurses Association
Union Representative: Mike Thiel, 406-261-0438