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Transfer Policy and Information


**In District Student Transfer Requests: PK-12 Special Education District Programs (self-contained Developmental Preschool, Lifeskills & ASPIRE)
In District students’ whose IEPs indicate the need for a self-contained special education program, will be transferred as reqested on a space available basis, defined as: 6 or fewer students per classroom setting. For Developmental Preschool, space will be based on the previous Spring's number of students
Placements will be reviewed annually. Please reach out to the Director of Special Services if you have any questions.

ELEMENTARY (K-5) In-District Student Transfer

Students living within School District 5 Elementary District boundaries, who wish to attend schools other than their neighborhood schools must refer to KPS In-District Transfer Policy 3142.

Please make special note of the following items:

  • Request for an in-district transfer, for a K-5 student, must be made by April 15 of the current school year for admittance at the beginning of the next year. 

  • Please login to your PowerSchool Parent Account to fill out the request.  Once you login, click on Ecollect Forms and you will find the form under Transfer Request.

Refer to the above policy for more specifics.  For more information or questions, please call Judy Peiffer at 406-751-3400, Ext 3430.

HIGH SCHOOL In-District Student Transfer

Please review the instructions and complete the form in the High School In District Transfer Request Packet. Per Policy 3142, requests for an in-district transfer must be made by the beginning of the previous semester.  Your guidance office or counselor can help you complete the form.
Submit the completed form by the posted deadlines to the Superintendent's Office of Kalispell Public Schools, 514 E Washington St, Kalispell,  MT  5990.  If you have questions, please contact Sherry Hodges-Ward at the Superintendent's Office at 406-751-3400 Ext 3434.