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How our Food Service Works

Mealtime Accounts

Accounts are generated into Mealtime when a student is enrolled. ALL students have accounts that coincide with their student ID numbers. Adult accounts need to be requested in an email to .

The accounts are like bank accounts. Money is to be deposited and then it is depleted each time a customer purchases anything. When it gets low, more money will need to be added to the account.

Students who are out of money can charge as we will never let a child go without food. But PLEASE try to keep their accounts in the positive.

Ala Carte' items cannot be charged. Milk is considered an Ala carte' item if it is not with a purchased lunch. They need to have money in their accounts for Ala Carte'.

Negative Notices to parents will be sent out via auto-calls, texts, and emails on Wednesdays at 4pm

The CEP (free) schools are free to students only. Adults will still need to purchase their meals. This program is for students only.

  •  CEP Schools - Elrod - Rankin - Russell -Smith Valley

The rest of the schools will need to fill out applications to receive free or reduced meals. It is very important to fill these out as the number of free and reduced will decide whether the schools are eligible for grants and helps to fund our Title I and other programs. However, if you are well over the eligibility limit, there will be no need to fill one out.

Applications can be done online at, or can be found on the Kalispell Public Schools website under the Food Service Department. There will also be paper copies available at your students' school offices.

School Meal Prices for 2023-24 school year will be:















$ .60



When a student withdraws from the District, as with other fees due, the student's Food Service account must be paid before the student leaves. Office Managers should check with their Food Service Staff for balances when a student withdraws.

If students have a positive balance, they will need to send an email to with a request for refund. This must include a mailing address to send a reimbursement check.

Point of Sale System

Our Point of Sale system is Mealtime M-Power

Elementary Cashiers need to collect money from their school office and deposit into the Mealtime System.

When the students begin coming in to get lunch, they will get their milk, entree, and salad bar fruits and veggies. The last place they go is to the cashier. Cashiers have a binder with the students' scan cards by grade/class. Each student MUST have their card scanned before leaving the cashier to go to their table. We cannot use a class list and enter afterwards!I The students must be scanned at the Point of Sale.

The cashier is also responsible for verifying that the child's tray has the appropriate components to be considered a reimbursable lunch.

This is the requirement:

menu options