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Extra Duty Stipends

Information on the Process and the Stipend Committee

Extra Duty Stipends are awarded to employees who oversee, direct or contribute to an activity outside of the regular workday. 

These activities include MHSA sanctioned activities, or extension of existing MHSA activities or curricular programs that culminate in a public performance (product) or a local, state, or national competition. This does not include positions that are already paid at an hourly rate.

A committee is appointed annually for the purpose of reviewing and evaluating the stipend schedule and to consider modification of any existing stipend and any new proposed stipend to be placed on the stipend index.  The committee shall represent the entire spectrum of the student activity program.  Membership will include representatives of each of the following:  Music, performing arts and speech (1), female sport (1), male sport (1), and additional KEA members (2), these five members are appointed by the bargaining agent for the teachers.  Additionally once school board member, the activity directors from each high school, a middle school administrator, the human resource director or another member of the central office administration will be appointed by the Superintendent.

Although the rate of pay for an activity position has been listed on the stipend index, the district maintains the right to hire, or not hire, personnel to fill a position.  Additional coach requests should be addressed to the administration through their Activities Directors.

The process for submitting a new or revised request to the stipend committee is as follows:

  1. Activity Stipend Request Form must be submitted before the 3rd Tuesday in January
  2. In order to be fully considered, complete the entire form and attaching any supporting/explanatory materials (if needed)
  3. One copy of the request should be submitted to a KEA officer/stipend committee member, and one to the building Activities Director/building administrator

Positive recommendations from the committee will be forwarded to the negotiations team (if in a negotiations year) or the school board (on non-negotiations year).  Accepted adjustment to the stipend index will begin the following budget year.

Please click here to view and print the Activity Stipend Request Form


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