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Workers Compensation

Employees of Kalispell Public Schools are provided with workers' compensation coverage through the Montana Schools Group Insurance Authority (MSGIA).  This coverage is provided at no cost to employees. 

Workers' compensation benefits are paid in cases of work-related injuries and diseases that are compensable under the Montana Workers Compensation Act (WCA), generally those that occur accidentally through the course and scope of employment, and that are verified by medically objective facts.  Benefits available through the MSGIA Workers’ Compensation Program include related expenses for:
  • Approved medical, hospital and related services.
  • Wage compensation for those who are temporarily unable to work.  Under current rules, replacement wages equal to 2/3 of the employee’s average gross weekly wages, calculated using the previous 4 pay periods, up to a maximum weekly amount established annually by the State Department of Labor.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation opportunities and disability compensation in cases of permanent impairment
Workers’ Compensation Contacts (List of Office Managers for the Buildings):
Edgerton Sabra Jones 751-4040 ex.4010
Elrod Karen Sandler 751-3700 ex.3681
Hedges Laura Hargrave 751-4090 ex.4071
Peterson Taylor Sheets 751-3737 ex.3731
Russell Michelle Morris 751-3900 ex.3891
KMS Heidi Rogers 751-3800 ex.3783
FHS Erin Bankhardt 751-3500 ex.3462
GHS Margo Sorenson 758-8600 ex.8613
Transportation Marilyn Hileman 751-3404 
Central Kitchen Shari Culbert 751-3443
VoAg Sandy Weeks 751-3950 ex.3951
Linderman Brittney Weideman 751-3990 ex.3985
Admin Braumlee Boyce 751-3400 ex.3446

If an injury has occurred, please contact the designated workers’ compensation contact at your building.

Workers' Compensation Claims Coordinator, KPS
Braumlee Boyce, Claims Coordinator, 406-751-3446 or

Workers' Compensation Claims Examiner, Montana State Fund
Gina Keltz, Claims Examiner, 406-457-4413 or