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Facilities Rental

The application below is required for rentals of School District 5 spaces.  You will also be required to submit a copy of your groups Liability Insurance, with School District 5 listed as an additional insured.  For Elementary schools and Linderman use, questions can be emailed to


Special, Public and Weekend Events at our schools

Our heating and cooling systems are on a set schedule of operations during the week and on weekends to help reduce our energy consumption. If you are planning an event for after normal school hours or on weekends and require this service. Please contact the Facilities Office at 751-3437 to confirm that your event has been scheduled and the level of services that will be provided for it.



Board Policy 4330 - Community Use of School Facilities

School facilities are available to the community for educational, civic, cultural, and other non-commercial uses consistent with the public interest, when such use will not interfere with the school program or school-sponsored activities.  Use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses.  Persons on school premises must abide by District conduct rules at all times.

Student and school-related organizations shall be granted the use of school facilities as per current adopted rate schedule. Other organizations granted the use of school facilities shall also be subject to the current rate schedule. The Superintendent or designee will develop procedures to manage community use of school facilities, which will be reviewed and approved by the Board.  Use of school facilities requires the Superintendent’s or designee’s approval and is subject to the procedures.

Administration will approve and schedule various uses of school facilities.  A master calendar will be kept in the District Facilities office for scheduling dates to avoid conflicts during the school year.  Should a conflict arise, the District reserves the right to cancel an approved request when it is determined that the facilities are needed for school purposes.  Requests for use of school facilities must be submitted to the District Facilities Office in advance of the event.

Legal Reference § 20-7-805, MCA Recreational use of school facilities secondary Reference

Lamb’s Chapel v. Center Moriches Union Free School Dist., 113 S.Ct. 2141

Policy History:    
Adopted on:     01/04/2000  
Revised on:      

01/09/2007; 12/04/2007; 05/13/08; 09/08/2015