Meaghan Signs Kyle Signs Ben Signs

Meaghan Fisher and Kyle Calles sign with Rocky Mountain College, in Billings, to run both Track and Cross County.

Ben Perrin signs with MSU, in Bozeman, to also run Track and Cross Country. 

We are PROUD of you!



melissa 7 on 7

Melissa Roybal - Melissa, one of our veteraned seniors, took a risk today and ran her first race of the season and rose above!  She competed well and was able to fill her cup, after a season of helping everyone else so much. We appreciate all that she brings to the team, from organization, splits, and her joy. 

Peter Wilson - Peter ran away with a PR today, with an amazing finsh, passing multiple boys in the finish stretch.  He was a true competitor, and surged multiple times in the race, and listened to his coaches.  We are excited for his future with the team!

Carrigan Hamilton - Carrigan raced for her team today, battling it out in the #7 race. When asked to step up this year Carrigan has risen to the occasion each time. She is a good leader and mentor and we're glad she came to our side! Woot woot Carrigan.

Bohdi Hollman - This kid not only ran a career PR today, but he continued to support his team in each following race, logging 13 miles for the day! Bohdi had a break through race, pushing into a Varsity position for the week, and winning over the pain that is a daily part of his life. Bohdi is so respected by his coaches and team and we are so happy for him that all his hardwork returned for him!


ethan gabe meaghan  hannah                                                  
Ethan Thompson - Ethan, also known as ET to coaches, had a tremendous race at the Mtn West Invite.  He passed over 8 people in the finishing home stretch, and took 53 seconds off of his best time to date. We appreciate his easy going attitude and humour he brings to the team.  Keep on racing fast!

Gabe Felton - Gabe, another one of our stellar freshmen boys, moved himself onto the Varsity squad at the Mtn West Invite.  Not only did he have a steady race, he took 11 seconds off of his PR, and left it all out on the course.  Gabe will be our number 7 runner at the 7 on 7 meet in Helena.  His summer running is paying off!

Meaghan Fisher - Meaghan, one of our senior leaders and Homecoming candidate :), ran a PR at the Mtn West Invite.  She was a gritty competitor, passing many girls in the finish stretch, closing the gap within our top 5 girls.  Additionally, she took significant time off of her 2017 Mtn West time...great work Meaghan.

Hannah Perrin - Hannah had one of her best meets of the season at the Mtn. West Invite. She was consistent and very coachable, and stood up well against competition. She took 59 seconds off of her 2017 Mtn. West time and this steady improvement is very promising as she is only a sophomore.  Race on Hannah!  


I Rock week 4

Kyle Calles - Kyle continues on with his career best time this week at Butte, running another PR in 17:05.  Additionally he blazed past two Sentinel runners at the finish and exhibited outstanding Captain skills.

Seth Trumm - Seth shaved off 30 seconds from last week, which was already a huge imporvement for him. He is clearly embracing his Varsity position!

Abby Girardot - Abby raced competitively in Butte, finishing third for her JV team, and pushing through with a gritty finish. We love her risk taking of joining Cross Country her senior year!

Brook Williams - Not only did Brooke race great in Butte, she has shaved off Seven minutes in the last 2 weeks! We love her smile and positive spirit and she continues to just race faster!



I Rock Week 3

Jaden Attard - Jaden, a 4th year seasoned runner, ran a career PR at the Sentinel Invite, with a time of 18:14. He has really come into his competitive spirit and racing faster each meet. His strength and work ethic are moving him ahead.

Vance Miller - Vance, another senior on the boys team, also ran a career PR at the Sentinel Invite, shaving off more than one minute. He is running healthy and strong which is critical after an injured junior year.

Nela Peterson -  Nela placed 10th in the JV race, with an amazing kick to the finish! Nela is new to FHS Cross Country and we love her spark, smile, and amazing work ethic.  Keep it up!

Hailey Allen - Hailey, a third year experienced runner, also ran a career PR in 20:39.  Hailey has been improving immensely every meet we have, and is a strong and competitive runner with great leadership skills.



Cole Rocks  Parker Rocks Mikayla Rocks Sierra Rocks

Cole Eastwood Rocks! Cole gets a character award for an outstanding race at the Flathead Invite. Cole competed on a tough course and in tough conditions, and pushed his way to 2nd on JV, amidst some deep team competition. He worked hard this week and through some ankle pain in practices. We love his competitive nature in a sport new to him.

Parker Noland Gillespie gets the competition award, as he stepped up his game against his Glacier competition this week, placing 25th and running faster than last week on a slower course. His hard work in practice paid off, and we are proud of him.

Mikayla Shinn gets the character award, being our first JV finisher, and executing a great race. She pushed the finish and realizes that 3.1 miles is a lot more forgiving than 100 meter dash! She is a great addition to our girl's team.

Sierra Vickrey gets the competition award; she killed her first Varsity race as a freshman. Coach Rumsey was afraid she wouldn't get off the start line because of nerves, but she psyched in and got the job done. We love her grit!



I Rock #5

This Week's "I Rock" winners are pictured above.  The Competition awards went to Ben Perrin, who perfectly executed our plan, and led the field in a finish of 15:43. He raced strong and competitively, which is tough when you have no direct competition. Equally as gritty was Tori Noland Gillespie, who also won the field. Tori practiced great diligence and patience, and made her move at the perfect time. It's good to see her loving the competiion!

The Character awards went to freshmen Kya Wood and Sam Aczas.  Both of these runners competed with grit at their first high school meet and secured a Varsity spot for the week. This grit comes with true charcter. Kya ran "negative splits", which is amazing for a new runner to accomplish.  Sam pushed hard against teammates the entire race and the grin on his face when I told him he was the 7th was awesome.  Congrats to these four!