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I ROCK WINNERS # 6 - 7 on 7


7 of 7 presented it's challenging course to us yesterday.  It was a long day with many competitive races, and our runners did their best.  Jacob Johnson has been a great addition to our freshmen boys.  He put up a near PR yesterday on a pretty intense course for a new runner.  Older brother Mitch Johnson put up his last career race in Helena, bringing home a PR, and having a great time all day.  Mitch has been an amazing leader in his years and will be very missed next year.  Aurora Baker had a break through race, running a Seasons Best.  She has been working hard on her mental race and it was great to watch that work pay off.  Emma Cummings also ran a PR, which is a great accomplishment for such a hard course. Great job Emma!  



What a great meet Whitefish Invite was! Four new I-Rock recipients with great races.  Kicking it off is Kurt Shelton who ran a 1 minute and 26 second PR.  Kurt is getting grittier and faster, and most certainly keeps us all entertained with his laughs!  Sam Aczas broke the 18 minute barrier!  With a 17:57 PR, Sam shaved 15 seconds off of his best this season, and was ALL smiles with his success.  Lots of miles and workouts have paid him back.  Sophie Brown also put up a PR, racing  nearly a whole minute faster than last week.  Sophie is stepping into her competitive spirit and is always so sweet and easy going.  Last but not least is Josie Wilson who ran her second best career time, just three seconds from a PR.  Josie led her group of competition in the middle of the race, charging the up and down hills and letting her hard work pay back.  Josie is incredibly coachable and determined to get that PR soon.


Kudos to our new I-Rock Winners!  Starting with our brand new runner Will Barnes - Will took a big risk by changing it up for a brand new sport and dialed in his first race. He had quite the finish, passing more than 10 runners in the closing stretch.  He's got more in the tank that we can't wait to see!  Margo Cummings just finished her second race as the 2nd JV runner!  She knocked 16 seconds off of last week's time, and is settling into the team and training.  She is helping to add depth to our team!  Afton Wride also had a great Butte race and is closing the gaps on the Girls Varsity Team.  She was strong and resilient and always smiling!  Conner Lininger has really stepped up his game, taking just under a minute off his last race, and competing solidly in the massive Boys JV race.  He is improving weekly and making great gains. Great job to these runners - making us proud!



Shout out to our next round of I-Rock winners at the Mountain West Classic! Starting with Elley Alvord, who raced a career PR on the gritty course, earning a Varsity spot for this week's Butte Invite.  Elley is stepping into the Varsity position and raising the bar for herself.  Braelynn Anderson is next, not only for finishing with a season's best time last week, but also for the absolute toughness she exhibits on a daily basis.  You should see that girl's blisters!  Derek Kuhl comes next, as he put up a huge PR and always exhibits a positive attitude with coaches and his team.  His next goal is breaking the 19 barrier!  And last but not least is Caden Masa who after a frustrating Flathead Invite managed to race back into his Varsity spot in a JV race, not only securing a varsity time, but putting up a season's best as well that is within 3 seconds of his PR.  Keep up the great work runners!


i rock 2

Super successful Flathead Invite at our very own Rebecca Farms!  This week I-Rock winners are posted above.  Sierra Vickrey raced a very smart race, winning the JV race by one minute and securing her Varsity spot for next week.  She is a strong and sassy team leader!  Madelaine Jellison had a season break through race, where she finished the second Varsity girl for Flathead, and was able to mentally challenge and push herself. She raced gritty and coachable and we love that!  Michael Mahar opened his cross country career with an amazing finish in the JV race.  While new to the sport, he is incredibly hard working and great at responding to coaches.  Bauer Hollman is the final recipient in a very well deserved award.  After a hard race last week, Bauer bounced back, taking 2nd in the JV race, with a time that lands him on Varsity for Mountain West.  While this bouncing around was hard for Bauer, the learning, focus and determination rewarded him.  Great job athletes!


i rock 3

What a great kick off to our 2021 Cross Country Season.  Runners crushed the Coaches Invite yesterday, with girls bringing home an "unofficial" third place, and boys 4th.  Our boys team collectively crushed a ton of PR's...summer training is paying off!

Shout out to this weeks I-Rock winners.  Kesler Hughes starts the line up with a PR of nearly one minute.  He ran a gritty race, shaking up some tough Missoula and Helena runners.  Summer peaks have helped his strength!  Nora Iams had a season break through race.  She dialed this week's practices and put up a time much faster than time trials.  Happy to see the minutes and seconds drop off. Joelle Robertson successfully completed and crushed her very first 5k race.  She has an amazing baseline to build off of and is an amazing supportive teammate.  Welcome Joelle!  Rounding it out is Ethan Bay who ran his way onto the Varsity squad for next week, which was his season goal.  Additionally he took over one minute off of his PR, and he accomplished this in a race where he ran mostly alone.  Great job to these four studs!!!

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