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America Library of Poetry  Grades 3-12  tba
Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans  10-11-12th grades tba
Bennington Young Writers Awards  (short story or poetry) Grades 10, 11, 12 tba
Columbia College - Chicago tba
Crail/Carr Poetry Contest - Early Grad Deadline tba
Crail/Carr Poetry Contest tba
Creative Communication Poerty Contest- Fall - 9th grade tba
Creative Communication Poetry Contest - Spring- 9th grade tba
New Montana Voices (essay or poetry) tba
Pine Tree Poetry tba
Princeton Leonard Milberg Poetry Prize tba
Save the Earth Poetry Contest tba
Signatures from Big Sky tba
Bennington Young Writers Awards  10-11-12th Grades tba
JFK Profiles in Courage Essay Contest tba
Letters About Literature tba
Listen to Life Essay Contest tba
Maryknoll Essay Contest tba
New Montana Voices tba
Penguin Classics Student Essay Contest - 9 -10th grades tba
Signet Classis Essay Contest - 11-12th grades   tba
Bennington Young Writers Awards  10-11-12th Grades tba
Columbia College - Chicago tba
Drive2Life PSA   10th Grade tba
Princeton University Ten Minute Play Contest tba
VSA Playwright Competition tba