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Contest                                                                       Deadline



America Library of Poetry                                                                                  4/30/20

Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans                                                       11/15/19

Appelley Poetry Contest                                                                                    11/14/19

Bennington College Young Writers Awards (short story or poetry)                11/1/19

Columbia College – Chicago                                                                             TBA

Crail/Carr Poetry Contest                                                                                   1/10/20 and 4/24/20

Creative Communication Poetry Contest                                                          12/5/19 and TBA

Human Trafficking Awareness Contest                                                             3/20/20

New Montana Voices (essay or poetry)                                                             12/31/19 and 5/31/20

Ocean Awareness Contest (poetry or prose)                                                    6/15/20

Pine Tree Poetry                                                                                                  Ongoing

Princeton Leonard Milberg Poetry Prize                                                            11/29/19

Save the Earth Poetry Contest                                                                           Currently on hold

Signatures from Big Sky                                                                                     3/27/20

Emma Lazaus Poetry Project                                                                              5/1/20



Bennington Young Writers Awards                                                                     11/1/19

JFK Profiles in Courage Essay Contest                                                              1/17/20

Letters about Literature                                                                                       TBA

Listen to Life Essay                                                                                              3/27/20

Maryknoll Essay Contest                                                                                     11/15/19

New Montana Voices                                                                                           12/31/19 and 5/31/20

Penguin Classics Student Essay Contest                                                            4/24/20

Signet Classics Essay Contest                                                                            4/22/20


Short Story

Bennington Young Writers Awards                                                                      11/1/19

Columbia College – Chicago                                                                               TBA



Drive 2 Life PSA                                                                                                    TBA

Princeton University Ten Minute Play Contest                                                    TBA

VSA Playwright Competition                                                                                TBA