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Extended Essay Thoughts

Google searching Tips

  •     Use quotes to search all words - "puppy dog sweater"
  •     Use a hyphen to exclude words - Mustange-cars
  •     Use a colen to search for specific sites - Sidney
  •     Find page that links to another page -
  •     Use an asterisk as a place holder - come * right now * me
  •     Find sites that are similiar -
  •     Use "OR" to search multiple keywords


JSTOR Research Tips

  • Place words in quotation marks to search for specifc phrase
  • Use Boolean Operators ( and, or, not)
  • Use NEAR 5/10/25 operator to search for words near ex. cat NEAR 5 dog

Searching JSTOR


EBSCO Search Tips

  • Use Boolean Operators to expand or narrow terms
    • And - this will search all terms
    • Or - each result will contain at lease on search term
    • Not - results do not contain on of the search terms
  • Use Parenthesis and Boolean Search terms to search multiple terms ex. (mouse or rat) and trap
  • Use Double quotes around your search terms to search a specific phrase or title
  • Use ? as a wildcard to replace a letter for all terms ex. ne?t = neat, nest, next
  • Use # when alternate spelling may occur ex. colo#r = color, colour
  • Use * to with truncated word to find all forms or to replace a word ex. comput* = computer, computing or midsummer's *dream


Destiny Library Catalog

  • 100's Philosophy
    • The Oxford companion to philosophy 103 Oxf
    • Masterpieces of world philosophy 100 Mas
  • 200's Religion
  • 300's Social Science
    • International encyclopedia of the social sciences 300.3 Int
  • 400 Language
    • Oxford English Dictionary 423 Oxf
  • 500 Science
  • 600 Applied Science
  • 700 Arts/ Sports
  • 800 LIterature
    • Criticism - search by title of work.
  • 900 History

Search Engines for Scholarly Articles

Educational Search Engines

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Citation Help

FHS handout 

MLA 8 Citation Guide

APA Citation Style

Chicago Citation Style

Purdue OWL - Guide to citations

Microsoft Word - Quick Guide to Citations and Bibliography