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Egyptian Book of the Dead




Ms. Nelson

Rudy Autio

Revolutions of the Wheel: Rudy Autio

Holter Museum of Art

Queens Row

Peter Voulkos

Write Design Online

Mosaics in Tunisia

Joyce Michaud Gallery

Perry Okimoto

Art Institute of Chicago

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture garden

David Smith Metal Sculpture

Tate Modern Museum

Guggenheim Museum, New York

National Museum of the American Indian

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alexander Calder Foundation

The National Gallery of Art

Louver Museum

Art Institute of Chicago Museum



CGFA Online Gallery

Web Museum

Mrs. Supola

Color, Contrast and Dimension

Health Enhancement

Mr. Anderson

Drinking and Driving article

International Language

Sra Himsl:

Spanish Grammer Exercises

Srta Peeples:


Sra Nystuen:

Spanish 1 Resources

Spanish grammer exersices

Learn Spanish

Welcome to Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico, from Wikipedia

Spanish games




Language Arts

Mrs. Ashworth / Mrs. O'Donnell

King Arthur Activities

Mrs. Brown:

Civil War links

Index of Civil War Information

F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary page

The Literature Network


Full text of The Great Gatsby

A hyper-concordance for the works of Fitzgerald

An index the The Great Gatsby

Online Etymology Dictionary

Poet at work: Walt Whitman's notebooks

Wikipedia as a source?

Emily Dickinson

Mrs. Cordes

Cultural Creation Myths

The Big Myth

Mr. Ford:

A Word A Day

The Grammar Gorillas

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Mrs. Hyde:

So, you want to be an analyst...

Humanmetrics - Jung Typology Test

The World Factbook

Ms. Kuntz:

Career Planning

Mr. Nadeau:


Globe Theatre

 Mrs. Putzler

The Myths

Mr. Riley:

Vocabulary Template

Eng 10

Aunt Mary - poetry

English 10B

Grand Canyon River Running

Outdoor Lit.


A Chronology of Zorro

Review of The Mark of Zorro, 1940

Zorro Productions Official Site

Bill Cotter's Zorro site

Walt Disney's Zorro

Guy Williams

Billy's Zorro site

A Tribute to the New World Zorro

The Fox's Den

New Zorro (audio)

Children's Lit.

Jasper the Mule


Twenty Mule Team Museum

Death Valley Days


Riders in the Sky


Ms. Thomson



Mr. Eckles

NPR Music


Mr. Johnsrud

The Rock Cycle

Mrs. Johnson

Periodic Table link

Mrs. Morrow

Eye Simulator/Virtual Patient Simulator

Mrs. Ortley

Virtual Pig Dissection

USDA Agricultural Research Service

Play a piano / synthesizer / oscilloscope

Fear of Physics

Amazing Sounds

Mr. Young

Interactive Periodic Table

Web Elements Periodic Table

Social Studies

Mrs. Allen-Schmid:

Russian History Websites

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Mrs. Delle:

The Treasures of China

My China

Mr. Guthrie


Art of the First World War

Treaty of Versailles

Mr. Antley:

Art of the First World War


Editorial Cartoons

Lewis and Clark (PBS)

National Archives

Ohio Historical Society

Smithsonian Institution

Terrorism (Q & A)

War Letters (American Experience - PBS)

Ms. Lohoff

Industrial Revolution Webquest

Mr. O'Donnell:

Industrial Revolution

Mr. Wilson