Freshman Academy Team 2

You may ask yourself, “What is Freshman Academy?” The Freshman Academy is a small learning community that was created to provide a nurturing environment which caters to the emotional, social, and educational needs of freshman. The academy will also help to ensure a smooth transition from the many elementary schools of our high school district to high school. All students will be engaged in a rigorous curriculum which prepares them to be successful in high school. We value and promote cooperation and communication between staff, parents, students, and the community as an important component in a student success.


"Team 2" Teachers:
Ms. Carly Snyder           Math                       

Mr. Dow Stephens         English                                

Mr.  Chris Putzler          Biology                         

Mr.  Shaun Forrest          Health
Mr. Jeffrey Thompson   21st

"Team 2" Teachers meet Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15-10:00 a, in room 206 (Ms. Snyder's room) at Flathead High School.  Please call at 751-3571 to set up an appointment to discuss your child.

PowerSchool Link
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Mr. Putzler Online Science text book
choose Science for HS and choose Montana..then select the correct book
Username:  fhsputzler
Password:  biorules

Ms. Snyder Math Online Math text book
username______________  password________________