21 Century--Team 2

21st Century Literacy

To provide students the skills and information necessary to start planning their future options for themselves, and to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in the 21st Century.


Semester Course – Graduation Requirement                                                                           Credit: .5



 Mrs. Jesse Rumsey


 Office phone (406) 751 3486

Room 123/ Business Office

Off periods = 1st and 2nd   

 Mr. Charlie Dotson


 Office phone (406) 751 3486

 Room 123

Off periods = 1st and 3rd

Mrs. Sue Cheff


Office phone (406) 751 3486

Room 240/ Business Office

 Off periods = 2nd and 3rd  

Mr. Jeff Thompson


 Office phone (406) 751 3486

 Room 125/ Business Office

Off periods = 2nd and 7th


Teacher Provided Materials:

·         Career Choices Text – classroom set only

·         7 Habits for Effective Teens – classroom set only

·         School Planner Provided



Course Overview

This course introduces students to their future after high school! Students will review their personal preferences, skills, talents, and values as a means and pathway to learning about future careers.    In addition to career research and student planning, the student will be able to manage personal finances, and be economically familiarized with current living costs.   Students will also focus on developing personal and professional skills such as communication, organization, marketing, learning/studying/researching strategies, time management, decision making, and using technology.


Units to be covered

·         Success Skills: Study Skills, Media Center Orientation, Goal Setting

·         Personal Assessments: Multiple Intelligence , Learning Styles, Work Values, and Skills

·         Budgeting: Renting, Housing, Automobiles, Clothing, Food/Sundries, Entertainment/Recreation, Vacation, Childcare, Utilities, Savings, Cutbacks

·         Career Clusters

·         Career Fair and Career Research

·         Education/Training Costs

·         5 year planning

·         Intro to Personal Finance: Institutions, Checking Accounts, Savings, CD’s, Credit Scores

·         Portfolios

·         7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens




Every student will be provided with a school planner that will be graded weekly for participation points. Students are expected to record class work, homework, and extra-curricular activities. If a student loses a planner, they will be responsible for replacing it. Planners will be available for sale in the student store. Twenty percent (20%) of the semester grade is based on the planner.