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In an effort to increase communication with parents on the happenings at FHS, we are encouraging you to sign up to use Twitter.   Twitter is a website that allows people to communicate through the exchange of quick and brief statements.  We have created an account to disseminate useful information about FHS (i.e. school news, testing, progress reports/report card dates, school events, etc.) and valuable parent resources instantaneously.  The best part is, once you have signed up to “follow” the updates, you will receive these messages instantly to your Twitter page as well as your cell phone (standard text rates apply) if you have it set up.

Signing up is easy.  Go to, create a user profile, and once you are registered perform a search for the school username (Flathead High School @Flathead_High).  Then click on the profile and select“follow”.


To receive updates via text to your cell phone, you must first add your cellular device (click settings on top of the page followed by devices) and then select to turn on updates on my profile (there will then be 2 green check marks under my picture,one for following and one for device updates on).  See below:

FHS Twitter logo Flathead High School@Flathead_High
Check Following and Device Updates ON.  You will now be able to receive device updates via SMS for Flathead High School.

If you do not wish to sign up you can still view the profile and any updates by going to the site listed below and either bookmarking it or adding it to your favorite places:


*text message updates can be shut off by clicking on settings (top tight), then devices