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Flathead Valley Quick Response Team (FVQRT)
Flathead Valley QRT website

FVQRT Contacts:

 Team Member  Email:  Work Phone  Cell Phone
Michael Sherman - Kalispell shermanm@sd5.k12.mt.us 751-3472




Lacy Eccles - Whitefish   ecclesl@whitefishschools.org   862-8650




Shari Johnson - Columbia Falls  shari@sd6.k12.mt.us 892-6530   270-4702



A valuable resource for when grief visits your school...

The FVQRT is a resource for administrators and school counselors to access in the event of a tragedy.

A tragedy may include the death of a student, death of a staff member, suicide, bus accident, etc. We are available any time assistance is needed to minimize the effects of a trauma. There is no cost to a school district for these services.


The FVQRT is comprised of school counselors throughout the Flathead Valley. We are a group of caring, dedicated, and trained professionals who are able to respond effectively to tragedies in our school communities.

All team members have received the Basic Critical Incident Stress Management Training and have attended a training with Dr. John Dudley, a national leader in both training and responding to school crises.

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