GHS Student of the Week

Last Updated: 9/22/2020 1:26 PM

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Congratulations Student of the Week!

This is an honor that only the most sincere and enthusiastic students can earn and is in recognition of promoting 
our values of Grit, Gratitude, and Grace along with our culture of Excellence at Glacier High School.


March 1, 2021
Alexis Vittal
“Alexis ended up being sick at the worst time, just before the first semester finals. She worked so SO hard to get all of her work made up and displayed a TON of "Glacier Grit" while getting it done.”  -Hollis May, Glacier High School Social Studies Teacher


February 22, 2021
Kai Johnson
“Kai goes above and beyond to help her peers find understanding in work assigned during class. She takes time during class, and even after school, to help her peers. Even with taking the time out of her own schedule, she is able to finish her own work in a timely manner and with a high level of success. Way to go, Kai! Keep up the good work!”  -William Wittpenn, Glacier High School Math Teacher


February 15, 2021
Jack Bruce
“Jack is the band librarian and general "keep it organized" specialist in the band room. He has taken 13 years of mess in the band library and organized it. He is also responsible for reorganizing the band room so we use our space more efficiently. Jack is always ready to help before and after school."
-David Barr, Glacier High School Band Teacher


February 8, 2021
Grace Stolfus
“Grace is a hardworking reserved kid who comes out of her shell at the Ag Center. I can always count on her to work hard in class! She is a great addition to our program! She is an amazing student and I have really enjoyed having her in class.”   -Kaitlin Trutzel, Glacier High School Agriculture Teacher


February 1, 2021
Phillip Sweeney
“Phillip is not only a hard working, bright student, he makes our classroom better by his willingness to be a leader and help others, no matter what level of learner they may be.  His humility, sense of humor and positive attitude makes my job as a teacher more enjoyable.  Phillip is very deserving of this honor.”   -Matt Ford, Glacier High School Science Teacher


January 25, 2021
Elly Aldrich
“Elly is in my second period precalculus class. She has been working very hard this quarter and I have enjoyed getting to know her. She comes in after school to work on her math and I appreciate the extra effort that she is putting in. She is a kind and joyful young lady and I am grateful for the opportunity to have her in class.”   -Janet Espeseth, Glacier High School Math Teacher


January 18, 2021
Rylee Glimm
“Rylee is constantly the definition of a model student. She is respectful, communicative, helpful, and responsible in all aspects of being a student. I am quite proud of her and look forward to having her in class each day.  I am excited to see her develop more and more as a leader amongst her class, school, and greater community.”   -William Wittpenn, Glacier High School Math Teacher


January 11, 2021
Jake Keller
“Jake is a senior in AP Statistics. He is fun to have in class (with the exception of the bickering that goes on between him and Simon)! He is a hardworking student and he adds so much personality to our class everyday. Statistics is a class that needs to be discussed and it helps to have Jake in class to lead and start those discussions. I appreciate his observations and questions!”   -Janet Espeseth, Glacier High School Math Teacher


January 4, 2021
Trey Macura
“Trey continuously shows a positive attitude in class, stays late to stack chairs, and has on several occasions stayed to make sure all of the English chromebooks were plugged in. Trey demonstrates a positive attitude and works diligently even when other students are not. Trey does not need the spotlight to do the right thing. In fact, he doesn't want the spotlight at all. Trey does the right thing even when others aren't watching and that, to me, is why he should be student of the week.”   -Caleb Keller, Glacier High School English Teacher


December 9, 2020
Hannah Deck
“Hannah is in my 1st period precalculus class and she is just a delight! She comes to class every day with a smile and is one of the hardest working students I have. I appreciate her willingness to ask questions and can always count on her for having her work done well and on time! She brings joy to the class and I appreciate her hard work!”   -Janet Espeseth, Glacier High School Math Teacher


December 2, 2020
Alisa Phattharaampornchai 
“Alisa is a great math student. She is quiet but works hard and she advocates for herself in class. Each day she cleans the desks without being asked. She has figured out and shared with classmates some technological issues with MathXL homework and she shares her food with me.”  -Careylyn Hill, Glacier High School Math Teacher


November 30, 2020
Angelina Chace
“Coming back to school this fall has been very difficult for Glacier students. Happy to be back under GHS's roof, Angelina exemplifies the perseverance and determination needed to be a student of achievement during this chaotic time.  Angelina is very driven to do her very best in all her classes.  However, she also takes time out of her schedule to assist her peers. She is a Glacier student that has grit and grace.”  -Dotty Zier, Glacier High School Teacher


November 23, 2020
Hailey Long
“Hailey has fortitude and courage. She helps others who need it. She is an upbuilding impartation in our class. She is consistent in her words and actions, which proves how authentic she is.”  -Tamara Fisher, Culinary Arts Instructor 


November 16, 2020
Mayleen Hoover
“Mayleen enthusiastically exemplifies what it means to go global. Mayleen has acquired substantial proficiency in two languages other than English at GHS: she is in AP Spanish 4 and French 3 and has been very active in language club activities, immersion nights, and coffee and conversation groups. She has volunteered to serve on behalf of the International Language Department on numerous occasions. Mayleen possesses grit and consistently demonstrates a growth mindset. At school and outside of the classroom, she is an individual who doesn't let setbacks or hardships stop her from making progress. She reaches out to those around her with kindness and is one of the first people to volunteer to help when there is a need. Congratulations, Mayleen! Allez and Olé Wolfpack! Happy International Education Week!”  -Heidi Emerson & Stephanie Hill, International Language Instructors


November 9, 2020
Ben Stotts
“Ben is great to have in Theatre Arts. He has a can-do attitude and works hard everyday. He has been awesome helping hang lights for the One-Act Festival and I very much appreciated his work ethic when we were working on the set for "The Heart of Robin Hood." He is one of those students that leads without asking and I appreciate that he is actively trying to learn new things every day."  -Sara Menssen, English/Theatre Arts Instructor & Wolfpack Theatre Staff Member


November 2, 2020
Ethan Strand
“Ethan is a great senior leader on the cross country team. He exemplifies the "work hard, play hard" attitude of our team. Ethan goes above and beyond to make friends and build relationships, and bring people together. He's intelligent, respectful, and just plain fun to be around!"  -Cody Moore, GHS Cross Country Head Coach


October 26, 2020
Kenna Vanorny
“Kenna has become a tremendous leader on the Student Council.  She has blossomed into one of our finest leaders at GHS as she does the little things that add a touch of class to the Wolfpack!  I am especially impressed with her work ethic and friendly approach!"  -Mark Dennehy, Assistant Principal & Activities Director


October 19, 2020
Jacob Gomon

“Jacob goes above and beyond helping to make sure the classroom stays in order.  In a stressful time for many teachers, he stays after class to put up chairs so we have one less thing to worry about right now.  He is also engaged in class, asks questions, and makes relevant, humorous comments.” -Abby Connolly, Western Civilization Instructor


October 12, 2020
Sammie Labrum, Kynzie Mohl, Cailee Hill
“This group of girls is the hardest working group in the weight room.  It’s inspiring to watch their effort every day!  They are great role models to everyone around them as they demonstrate Glacier Grit and toughness!” Bree Fuqua, HPE Instructor


October 5, 2020
Emily Nelson
“Emily is an extremely hard worker. I can always count on her to get a job done. She has been a great addition to our program for the last four years and I am glad she has found her place at the Ag Center!” -Kaitlin Trutzel, Agriculture and Welding Instructor


September 28, 2020
Sydney Fletcher
“Sydney Fletcher is AWESOME! She did a great job balancing her roles as actor and fight captain in The Heart of Robin Hood. Her dedication to this process has been second to none and I appreciate all of her hard work. As "Plug, the dog" she created some very memorable moments on stage in a role that another actor may have let fall by the wayside. I am proud of her accomplishments and am excited about what she will do with the rest of her senior year!” -Sara Menssen, English/Theatre Arts Instructor & Wolfpack Theatre Staff Member


September 21, 2020
Bryce Almaraz
“Bryce continues to demonstrate the characteristics we value at GHS. He is always willing to help when asked and consistently puts forth an outstanding effort.  His work ethic and grit are a great example for those around him.” -Ross Dankers & Arron Deck, HPE Instructors


September 14, 2020
Caleb Bernhardt
“Caleb has taken over the leadership of the percussion class. He chooses to use his free time at school to practice and work with the theatre department to add percussion to their next show. Caleb is always prepared and takes care of the little things. It is truly a joy to see him improving every day!” -David Barr, Band & Percussion Instructor


September 7, 2020
Morgan Hernandez

“Morgan is an outstanding leader who works diligently each and every day.  She does this with a cheerful attitude and a willingness that is second to none.  Morgan has embraced the task of building great school spirit without the conventional tools of games, assemblies, and dances!”  -Mark Dennehy, Assistant Principal & Activities Director