Freshman Academy

Teachers: Gena Birks- Mathematics
                Stephanie Nadasi- Science
                Joel Bemis- Language Arts

The purpose of the Freshman Academy is to provide a nurturing environment which caters to the educational, emotional, and social needs of freshmen. The academy will also help ensure a smooth transition from the many elementary schools of our high school district to high school. All students will be engaged in a rigorous curriculum which prepares them to be successful in high school. We value and promote cooperation and communication between staff, parents, students, and the community as an important component in a student's success.

We Believe:

  • That all students can learn and achieve at a high level
  • That building relationships between teachers and students, the school and the parents, and the school and the community is essential to a student's success
  • In setting high expectations for students
  • In creating an atmosphere that will assist in a smooth transition for freshmen from middle school to high school


Academy Components

The freshman academy consists of several components. There will be four teams of three teachers who will teach approximately 75 students. Students will have three classes each semester in the academy. , Science and English will be taken for a full year. In addition to the teamed courses, Health and College and Career Readiness will each be taken for one semester. The classes will be taught in a three period block of time. The staff within the academy will have a common planning time to help meet the needs of the students within their team.