Woods 2

Wood Tech 2                     


One Semester .5 credit                                                               GH S Instructor:  Mr. Latimer


DescriptionWoodTech 2 is for students who have successfully completed Wood Tech 1 and would like a second semester of woodworking with additional emphasis on job skills and workmanship.  Through classroom instruction and practical experience students will gain proficiency using more advanced tools and techniques.  Students will learn basic drafting, blueprint reading, design, box construction and advanced joinery. Woodturning, plastic lamination, drawer and door construction with raised panel design will also be incorporated. Other advanced technologies utilized will be the laser engraver and the ShopBot.  At times this class may also participate in a small-scale construction project to learn basic construction practices.  Periodic assignments will be given that includes tool preventative maintenance and extra credit will be offered with video documentation on any new home construction or maintenance when the student is the primary laborer.


ObjectivesStudents will experience the requirements that employers have for their employees. Students will increase their proficiency in woodworking, finishing,tool maintenance, problem solving, project planning, time management and possibly some basic CAD skills.


GradingGrades will be based on work ethic and other job related skills that employees are rated on. Tests, projects, and assignments will also be graded. See GradingPolicy.


Grading Scales:      0-59(F)            60-69(D)         70-79(C)          80-89(B)         90-100(A)


PrerequisiteWood Tech 1 with at least a“C” Average

Lab Fee$15.00(Due no later than date announced by instructor) Pay at main office and keep your receipt for the year.

SequencePrerequisite to Wood Tech II and Cabinetmaking

Grade level9 through12.


RequirementsDemonstrated work ethic, tests, projects, assignmentsand wearing safety glasses at all times during lab time. All wood will be free except for hardwoods and any hardware required.


OptionsUse of materials other than those provided by the instructor will be charged to the student unless provided by the student.Charged balances should be made current within that quarter’s time.


Skills USA: Skills USA is an integral partof all Industrial Technology vocational classes at GHS. Skills USA membership is for those students who want to get the most from their vocational classes. It stresses leadership and excellence in their field of study. Socialactivities, community service, professional development, and just plain fun areall part of Skills USA. The highlight of the year is the State Conference andSkills Competition in Havre. There students compete with others from around the state, in their area of study, for medals, scholarships and sometimes job offers. “Ask if interested


Note: Books, lockers, locks and materials will be assigned tothe students. Items missing at the end of the grading period will be charged to the student. Incomplete grades will be given to any student having outstanding bills or school property.



Instructor: Mr. Latimer


Days           Areaof Study                         Assignments                            Skills


1                      Orientation                                          Rules& Expectations                        Listening & Notebook


1                      Hand Tools/MeasurementPractical    List Hand Tools(ExCr)                      HandTool Description


2                      Wood Types/Finishing                        Written & Practical                            Knowledge


10-15               Portable Power Tools                          Safety/Small Project                          Craftsmanship




2                      Sanding/Clamping                              Lecture-Notes-Quiz                           Finishing/Laminating


5-10                 SAFETY                                            Safety Review/ TEST/Demo’s            100% Proficiency




5                      Countertop Laminate                          12” Sq. Countertop HotPlate            Lamination     


10-15               Mass Production                                 Two Piece Assembly Chair                 Skill station breakdowns


1-2                   Wood Types/Finishing                        Writtenor Practical                            Knowledge


1                      Figuring Board Feet                            Practical& Written Assessment         Cost analysis of materials           

2                      AutoCAD Basics                                Twoday exercise using CAD            BlueprintReading




3                      Wood Joinery                                      Written&/or Practical                        ProjectConstruction


5                      Raised Panel Const.                            Demo/StartStorage Door                  Measuring/Cutting/Const.


6-7 Weeks       Box Construction                                CustomDesigned Storage Unit         PowerTools/ShopBot/Laser


3                      Clean-up & Assessment                      Semester TEST                                  Knowledge




Grading Breakdown: Notebook=10% Work Habits= 30% Test Assessments= 20% Assignments= 40%