Kalispell Public Schools
Kalispell, Montana

Physical Education
Lisa Koehler


Physical Education 
Course Outline:
Physical Education offers the student the ability to work on the 5 core areas of physical fitness. Emphasis will be placed on gaining strength and conditioning.

-Educate students regarding the importance of self-responsibility in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
-Offer opportunities to participate in lifetime activities while developing an appreciation towards improving fitness for athletic endeavors.
-Provide a safe and positive learning climate for each student.



Daily Expectations:
Motivate yourself to improve!
Be dressed out and on time every day.
Follow safety rules for the protection of you and others.
Be prepared to work…….Compete, and Have Fun!!!!
Daily Points:
4 points= Full Dress/On Time-Full and Exceptional Participation;
exceeds proficiency level.
3 points= Full Dress/On Time-Full and Complete Participation;
meets average, proficiency level.
2 points= tardy to class and/or no dress (or inappropriate dress)/adequate participation;
behavior corrections; does not meet average proficiency level.
1 point= no dress and/or tardy/below average participation, behavior corrections;
below, proficiency level.
0 point= no dress/no participation or excused absence (can be made-up)/unexcused
 absence; no measure of proficiency can be obtained.
Daily Point Make-ups:
*Students with an excused absence(s) may elect to make-up the absence(s) within one week of the absence(s). The absence cannot be made-up after the one week period.
*Two (2) points may be earned for each acceptable make-up session. A student may complete two (2) make-up sessions per absence.
*The make-up session will consist of a cardiovascular workout that will be approximately 20 minutes in length. The make-up session will be completed in the presence of a Health Enhancement Staff member/TAC Instructor/Coach in the weight room. Make-ups may be completed before school or after school (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday). A full TAC workout counts towards make-ups. A maximum of 2 school sponsored sports practices can be used for make-ups.
*A make-up form must be filled out, signed by the appropriate staff member witnessing the make-up, and given to your instructor.


Grading:                      Quarter Grade
A= 90-100%                  80% Daily Activity    
B= 80-89%                    20% Testing /Attendance
C= 70-79%                    Semester Exams will count 15% towards a semester grade
D= 60-69%                                                                
F= 59% or less
No Dress-Out Policy
1st No Dress-Out    Warning, Points deducted
2nd No Dress-Out    Points Deducted, Parent Contact, Lunch Detention
3rd No Dress-Out    Administrative Referral for Academic Insubordination,
                                Points deducted, Lunch Detention
4th No Dress-Out    Points Deducted, Admin/Parent Contact, Detention
5th No Dress-Out    Referral for Removal from Class



The HPE Flathead Way

Routines ?


Expectations ?

First Five



Group/ Partner Work

Quizzes /Tests

Final Five

Honor Yourself

Be on time for Health, in the first five minutes dressed out ready to work in PE

Listen, ask questions for clarification

Listen, be respectful to presenter, eye contact, nonverbal communication

Be a good partner, smart spotting, team coach, motivate, congratulate, similar abilities

Communicate with spotter and teacher, work to max, take seriously, be prepared, proper warm up

Put your own weights away correctly, clean station, take pride in our space

Honor Community

Wait in attendance line

Don’t be talking, pass the word on, respect others

Apply information to practice

Choose group wisely, challenge each other

Follow procedures, active spot, understand importance of safety

Put others weights away, listen to final notes from teacher

Honor the Moment

Be prepared to work, respect space

Listen, stop what you are doing

Follow directions, respect space

Always put forth 100% effort

No put downs, support all levels of fitness, be positive

Dress out, showered to next class on time