Kalispell Public Schools
Kalispell, Montana
Course Description

Physical Education
Lisa Koehler



Course Outline:
Physical Education offers the student the ability to work on the 5 core areas of physical fitness. Emphasis will be placed on gaining strength and conditioning.


-Educate students regarding the importance of self-responsibility in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
-Offer opportunities to participate in lifetime activities while developing an appreciation towards improving fitness for athletic endeavors.
-Provide a safe and positive learning climate for each student.


Daily Expectations:

Motivate yourself to improve!

On time every day.

Follow safety rules for the protection of you and others.
Be prepared to work.

Have Fun!!!


Daily Points:
4 points= On Time
Exceptional Participation

exceeds proficiency level

3 points= On Time
Complete Participation

 average, proficiency level 

2 points= tardy to class adequate participation or behavior corrections

does not meet average proficiency level

1 point= tardy
below average participation
behavior corrections

below, proficiency level

0 point= no participation

absence; no measure of proficiency can be obtained


Be Your 

Pedometer Usage


  • Must have already completed .5 credits of in class PE
  • May check out Thursdays if work complete and need make up days, however needs to be returned the following Monday


  • For best results wear on hip
  • Shaking/dropping or wearing on shoes or backpacks may result in auto-resetting
  • They may not get wet
  • Please use the safety clip when wearing
  • Do not reset (Numbers on the display screen are the only numbers recorded)
  • Pedometers go up to 100,000 steps before auto-resetting
  • All numbers are recorded to (Lisa or Brittany in office) weekly
  • 10,000 steps=1 day of PE (you need 90 days of participating in PE to earn 1 credit)
  • One full year of PE is required to graduate