Unit 2: La météo, l'heure et la géographie

Quizlet sets for this unit: French numbers 31-60, telling time in French

Work Ethic Grade- Click here for the Map of France + Dictations assignment if absent.  Instructions for absent students on page 2.

Work Ethic Grade- Fold a blank sheet of paper into 8 rectangles and write out times in French for 8 activities you do on an average day.  Draw and color pictures of the activity to show what you are during at each time.  For each time you write, you need to write it all out in French (including spelling the numbers).

Missed class?  Click here for powerpoint on geography and here for powerpoint on how to tell time.

Les Devoirs - Please complete these assignments in the assignment section of your cahier

1- Weather Tracking


Assessements - Quiz on geography, weather & time before moving on to the next unit