Biography of Tamara Stelmach/Fisher

Tamara Fisher moved to Kalispell Montana 2 years ago. She taught an American Culinary Federation Certified  Pastry/Culinary Arts program at a technical School in Pennsylvania. She and her students ran a very busy 65 seat restaurant open to the public called La Bistro & Bakery.

Chef Tamara Fisher was one of 25 people worldwide to be excepted to the Hautes Études du Goût program in 2015. https://www.heg-gastronomy.com/en/heg-club/aumni-testimonias/item/303-tamara-stelmach

Fisher had the honor to be asked to do demonstrations for the Big Chocolate Show NYC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHIrfakb_kI


Chef Tamara Fisher was featured in 2 national culinary magazines. (The National Culinary Review 2015 and Sizzle magazine in 2012) 

Her and her students would cook for the local television stations on occasion as well as write recipes for the paper. 

The culinary students would put educational food work shops on for the local fares to earn money to teach nutrition to younger students or money for culinary competitions and scholarships. 

Her mentors/Co workers are from across the globe. 

Pastry Chef Cher Harris: at the Hershey Hotel. Internationally remonwned chef who won the global chef challenge. 
chefs across the globe and I enjoy sharing what I have learned with my students. Joseph
K. Poon, Master Chef from China - known for his Asian fusion foods. Andre Renard ,
Master Pastry Chef from France - one of the most recognized chefs in the culinary
world. He currently owns a school in Sadona, Arizona called Sugar Art. Gabriella
Gambini, Chef at Cordon Bleu of Florence - located in the heart of historical renaissance
Jules Pernell, Chef of the McCutchen House at South Carolina University.
William Knapp, Executive Chef of the Wilcox House in Aiken, SC.
Antonios K. Boulos, Executive Chef and member of the Academy of Chefs, the High
Honor Society of the American Culinary Federation.
Industry Certifications – Tamara Stelmach
Certified Culinary / Pastry Arts Instructor
Restaurant Supervisory,
Nutrition and ServSafe.
Prostart Instructor
ServSafe Proctor and Instructor, State of Pennsylvania
Professional Certification,Temple University, certified in the “art of teaching”