Private Tutoring Available


The academic rigor and pacing of middle school curriculum commonly causes sudden struggles for many students.  The advancing work load and expectations from five or six separate core classes, and the rapid pacing as students progress beyond elementary school can quickly overwhelm, and frustrate many students as they strive to successfully keep up with classes, amid the also turbulent social/emotional stresses of being a "tween-ager."   

If your student is facing struggles with academics at KMS, and you would like some assistance in guiding them to experience more success, I provide private tutoring after school for just such a scenario. 


Over the past 15 years working at this building, I have helped out tutoring kids in a variety of "after-school" settings.  Unfortunately, budgeting this year has discontinued the PRIDE program that the school previously offered twice a week for students who volunteer to stay for an hour after school to focus on school work. It was a great free-of-charge opportunity for kids to receive extra guidance and assistance from qualified teachers in a group setting. It is a possibility the program may be offered again in future years.  


When more individual attention is needed for academic success, I offer tutoring sessions tailored to your student's individual needs. Families can choose "one-on-one"  or "small-group" sessions of two, or three students tutoring together. I am very flexible with scheduling, and can meet when and where works best for your family.  Meeting once or twice a week seems to work best for many students. This year, I have eight weekly time-slots open for tutoring sessions.  Click on the "Tutoring SCHEDULE" page to view my current availability. Working in my room at KMS usually works for most families, but I can (and have) also come to the family's home, if that makes life easier for your family. 


I offer assistance with all academic subjects, and have found that 45-60 minute sessions work best for middle school students.  Each session will generally be comprised of a mix of some or all of the following components: skill-building drills, lesson/concepts re-teaching, homework guidance and support, and often helpful organizational strategies. 


The 2019-2020 charges for my tutoring services are:

                  SESSION TYPE                                               PER STUDENT CHARGE

                   "one-on one"                                                                  $25/session

                   "small group-of-two"                                                      $20/session

                   "small group-of-three"                                                    $15/session

I email a "tutor report" at the end of each month which details what I have worked on with your student, and the charges involved.  You can remit payment by cash, or check (mailing, stopping in, or sending in with your student) or by credit or bank transfer through PayPal.  You choose what works best for your family. 


If you feel this is a beneficial step for your family, please email me to inquire about current availability.  In your email, be sure to include student's name, grade, and team, the subject they are struggling with, and any scheduling times and location preferences you have.  I look forward to hearing from you, and helping your student toward success at KMS.


KMS: room 318 (if you want to stop by to talk in person, after school)