Syllabus 2019-2020


Mrs. Snipstead, Choir director;

A note from Mrs. Snipstead:        Welcome to an exciting year in choral music here at KMS.   I am very excited to be at this school to share my passion for singing and performing with these awesome students.  This is my 12th year at KMS.  I have been a music educator in the Flathead Valley since 1987.  I have taught classroom music at Evergreen and Kalispell as well as private voice lessons at both Flathead and Glacier High schools.  I graduated from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN with a Bachelor’s in Music Education.

Expectations:  As a choir member you are expected to meet the following expectations:

Be Prepared:  Be ready to sing, get a drink and use the restroom BEFORE class, spit out your gum, be in your seat before the bell rings, use good posture for singing, your body is your instrument.

Be Positive:  Participate enthusiastically in all activities, focus on what you like, sing with your best sound, encourage your classmates be successful, be polite to all visitors and guest teachers, no put-downs, only put-ups!

Be Respectful:  Treat others the way you want to be treated, raise your hand if you need to speak, clean up after yourself, conduct yourself with dignity as a good role model, take care of the music and materials, use quality language at all times, no cell phone use in class unless given permission by Mrs. Snipstead.

Be Responsible:  Do your best to make our choir the best it can be, commit to doing excellent work each day.

Excellent performance will only be achieved if everyone—simultaneously—is ready to rehearse at the beginning of the hour. Tardy students interrupt the learning environment and show a lack of commitment to the ensemble. If a teacher keeps you late, bring a pass signed by the teacher, and above all, enter quietly! If you don’t monitor your time wisely, expect consequences. Repeated tardies will result in more intense discipline and a lowering of your daily grade.


I want students to behave well not just because it is requested and expected, but because they are growing as thoughtful, caring, and compassionate human beings. I want to help develop young musicians whose integrity is without question, both in the classroom and in society outside the school walls. The bottom line is:

Be your best to do your best!


Discipline Policy:  Failure to meet these expectations will result in one or more of the following.

1.    Removal from class and talk with me after class.         2. Phone call to parents  

3. Meeting with administrator      . 4.Detention/and or Saturday school   5.Removal from choir

Curriculum:  Choir lessons are designed to teach the National standards for Music Education which are:

  1.  Work Ethic-rehearsal skills and effort
  2.  Knowledge and Skills- demonstrating music literacy by reading and notating music
  3.  Performing- alone and with others
  4. Responding- analyzing, describing, and evaluating music and/or performances
  5. Creating-improvising, or arranging music

GRADING  I.    Work Ethic You are being evaluated on every aspect of your participation in class.

II.   Performance   To receive the highest grade, the student must attend all concerts for their group. They must be at the concert site on time in the proper uniform.  They must conduct themselves in a manner reflecting most favorably upon themselves and the group.

III.   Skills and Techniques   Students will be given a singing test once per trimester.  They will be expected to have their music memorized using their best skills.

IV. Writing Assessment   Students will complete a writing assignment in response to their concert or a listening activity in alignment with the common core standards.

GRADE GUIDELINES –Choir is graded on a Standard-Based system. Every standard being assessed has its own set of parameters. Below is a very elementary description of what it takes to achieve certain rank. Keep in mind that your grade is assessed on an individual basis resulting from your accomplishments in each of the above areas.

To get a “4” (Advanced) in Choir, you must:

  • Participate fully in class and not interfere with others’ abilities to do the same.
  • Attend all of your group’s performance(s) and exhibit proper behavior.
  • Exhibit leadership skills in class and within their section.


To get a “3” (Proficient) in Choir, you must:

  • Participate fully in class and not interfere with others’ abilities to do the same.
  • Attend all of your group’s performances and exhibit proper behavior.


To get a “2” (Nearing Proficient) in Choir, you must:

  • Participate in class, sometimes allowing yourself or others to become a distraction.
  • Fail to attend your group’s performance(s) or exhibit poor behavior.
  • Fail to make up missed singing tests or written assignments.


In choir students will be instructed in the fundamentals of singing in order to share thoughts and ideas through music.  Music is more than notes and words on a page.  It is a means to share meaningful ideas and emotions with the listening audience.  Students will learn how to read a vocal score, interpret the music as a way to communicate thoughts, feeling and emotions.  Some of the skills we will work on are as follows:

  • *Developing proper singing posture and breath  *Sightsinging/Sightreading   *Singing accurately with energy     
  •  *Developing a beautiful singing tone   *Diction and pronunciation   *Blending their voices
  • A choir performance is a team effort where musicians translate the notes on the page into musical expressions that are pleasing to both the performers and the audience.  We look forward to sharing our work with you at our concerts.

Concert Dates- please put these on your calendar!! Please be at school 15 minutes before the concert starts.  Don’t be late!!

Monday, October 14th   Fall Concert    6th gr. starts at 6:00; 7th gr. starts at 7:00 and 8th gr. begin at 8:00pm

Thursday, November 5th  8th grade Choir, band and orchestra tour to elementary schools  All Day

Thursday, December 12th Combined 8th grade Band, Orchestra and Choir concert 6:30 in Old Gym.

Monday, December 16th   Holiday Concert   6th grade begins at 6:00 pm  7th grade at 7:00 pm

All School Auditions for Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Jr. All school musical January 7, 8 and 9. Students will audition either the 7th or the 8th.  Callbacks are on the 9th.   Performances are March 5-7.  Auditions are open to all KMS students.  This is an optional after school opportunity, not required.  Students who are cast will practice after school until 5:00 Monday-Thursdays.

Monday , March 16th, Spring Concert  6th gr. At 6:00 pm, 7th gr. At 7:00 pm and 8th gr. At 8 pm.

Tuesday, June 2nd – Final Concert 6th concert at 6:00 pm, 7th  gr. begins at 7:00 pm and 8th gr. begins at 8 p.m.



KMS Choir Reply Form

Fill out and return by Friday, September 13th.


We have reviewed the choir calendar and will work out conflicts well in advance of the following events.

Concert Dates- please put these on your calendar!!

Monday, October 14th   Fall Concert 6th Gr. at 6 pm, 7th gr. At 7 pm and 8th gr. At 8 pm

Thursday. December 12th   8th grade Choir/Band/ Orchestra Holiday Concert 6:30p.m.  KMS Old Gym

Monday, December 16th   Holiday Concert 6th gr. Begins at 6 pm and 7th gr. Begins at 7 pm

Auditions for Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Jr.  All school musical auditions January 7, 8 and 9 (Call backs) after school 3:15-4:45     Performances are   March 5-7 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Monday, March 16th   Spring Concert           6th Gr. at 6 pm, 7th gr. At 7 pm and 8th gr. At 8 pm

8th grade choir Retreat tentative date May 26th all day

Tuesday, June 2nd   Final Concert           6th Gr. at 6 pm, 7th gr. At 7 pm and 8th gr. At 8 pm

 CONCERT ATTIRE We will have the required performance clothes in time for the first concert.  I have some to loan out if you are unable to locate.    Performance Clothes: Black pants/skirt, white shirt, black shoes


We have read and discussed the KMS Choir grading policy.  We understand that a significant part of the grade is earned by contributing positively to the ensemble and attending concerts.

We have read the above information and are looking forward to a great year.


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On Occasion, our choir classes will travel to area assisted living homes to perform for the residents.  We will go during class and travel by bus or foot.  Please sign below to give your student permission to leave the school for this purpose.  I will let you know via email when we will be going. This will save on unnecessary paperwork.  Thanks!


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