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Golf Etiquette 101

Golf Etiquette 101

1. Be efficient:

·         Be ready to hit when it is your turn. 

·         Study your shot and club selection while other players are hitting. 

·         Don’t waste time dawdling or chatting when it is your turn to play! 

·         If you can tap in a short putt without walking on another player’s line, don’t mark it, just putt and clear. 

·         Keep up with the group in front of you. 

·         In practice rounds (not competition), pick up after you hit double the par for that hole.

·         Let paying customers play through if they are playing faster than you can play.

·         Always take your clubs with you before you hit your next shot! 

·         At the green, place your clubs so that you can pick them up as you walk towards the next tee.

·         Clear the green quickly so the next group can hit their shots onto the green. 

·         If you think your ball may be lost or out of bounds, hit a provisional shot to save time.


2. Be aware:

·         Make sure no one is going to be hit by your practice swing or stroke before beginning the swing.

·         Avoid taking divots on practice swings, as they may throw pebbles or sticks towards other players. 

·         Don’t hit into the group ahead of you until they are out of range. 

·         Yell “fore!” if a ball you strike is headed for another player or person on the course.


3. Be considerate:

·         Don’t talk or move around while others are swinging or putting. 

·         Keep your shadow out of their line of play. 

·         Stand well clear and to the side of someone about to play a shot (not behind; it may distract him/her).

·         Don’t walk on another person’s line of putt, including on the other side of the hole. 

·         Rake bunkers fill divots, and repair ball marks!! 

·         Step lightly and cleanly on the greens and tap down any spike marks you may inadvertently make on the green. 

·         Make sure you put the flagstick completely back into the hole before leaving the green! 

·         Don’t place your bag on the green and don’t drop the stick or clubs on the green. 

·         And do not throw clubs on the golf course … ever!!


Thank the grounds crew and other staff for their work and for hosting the tournaments in which you play!

Last Modified on August 14, 2014